Hydrogenation Catalysts

Iridium, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium metals, common hydrogenation catalysts

Hydrogenation catalysts, typically iridium, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, or ruthenium are used to activate the chemical reaction between hydrogen and another compound. The materials for hydrogenation reactions in metal catalysis can be subdivided into heterogeneous metal catalysts and homogeneous metal catalysts.

Our extensive portfolio of heterogeneous catalysts allows for faster, large-scale production and selective product formation. Controlling the percent metal and the structure of the carbon changes the reactivity, broadening the application possibilities. With the addition of Evonik solid heterogeneous catalysts, portfolio we’ve diversified our offering of metals on active carbon.

We also provide a highly versatile offering of homogeneous catalysts. These catalysts are typically more selective and characterizable than heterogeneous catalysts, allowing the mechanisms to be rationally manipulated for alternative outcomes. Since the catalyst is incorporated directly into the reaction mixture, there is a higher reaction rate without the need to increase the reaction temperature. However, the catalyst needs to be removed from the final product.

Whether you work in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, or custom manufacturing, you’ll find the optimal solution for your application from our comprehensive range of high-quality catalysts. Our robust supply chain with global availability ensures timely delivery to keep your work moving forward. In addition to our extensive catalog portfolio, we offer ­custom catalyst synthesis and bulk production of palladium pre-catalysts for API manufacturing. Discover more about our unparalleled portfolio and services to support your scientific advancement.


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