Brand® and BrandTech® glassware and plasticware.

Brand® has been a trusted laboratory partner for over 70 years. Brand® GmbH (BrandTech® in North America) is a manufacturer of liquid handling products and life science glass and plasticware, specializing in providing labs with convenient, reliable tools to help researchers get their work done efficiently, comfortably, and safely.


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Brand® Liquid Handling

The Brand® liquid handling line, which includes the Dispensette® bottletop dispensers, Titrette® bottletop burettes, Transferpette® pipettes and HandyStep® repeating pipettes, sets the world standard for accuracy, ergonomic design, and reliability. In addition to pipette tips, filter tips, microcentrifuge tubes and PD-Tips, Brand® Life Science also provides a variety of other high performance products for PCR, storage, immunology and cell culture technology. The BRAND® Life Science Plastics line includes their innovative line of disposable UV-Cuvettes that allow photometric measurements down to 230 nm and fit nearly all spectrophotometers. The portfolio also includes PCR tubes, strips, plates and mats, microcentrifuge tubes, and 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.

Brand® Sample Preparation and Storage

Sample preparation and storage impose a wide variety of requirements on laboratory instruments. Brand® offers materials ranging from glass to specialty plastics, like PFA for trace analysis.


The BLAUBRAND® line from Brand® of volumetric instrument is individually calibrated for high precision. Statistical process control ensures with a certainty of at least 99.6 % (AQL = 0.4) compliance with predefined specifications. For the measurement of density, Brand® offers individually calibrated BLAUBRAND® density bottles, and fast, reliable hydrometers.

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