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Future of Drug Discovery with DNA Encoded Libraries
DNA encoded libraries (DELs) offer a paradigm shift in drug discovery by leveraging molecular biology and high-throughput screening. DELs offer a full high-throughput screening library in one vial. Along with our DEL data package, machine learning and AI can be
Isotopically Labeled Steroid Standards
We offer a wide variety of labeled bioactive compounds including steroids, vitamins, and their metabolites.
Trifunctional Probe Building Blocks
In partnership with Pfizer chemists, we have compiled a collection of trifunctional building blocks to enable development of probes.
Fragment-Based DNA-Encoded Library for Drug Discovery
Obtain over 30-fold increase in signal-to-noise ratios for better results. The DyNAbind library architecture permits dynamic reshuffling until the members are stabilized by binding to the target protein.