Identification of quiescent and spatially restricted mammary stem cells that are hormone responsive.

Nature cell biology (2017-02-14)
Nai Yang Fu, Anne C Rios, Bhupinder Pal, Charity W Law, Paul Jamieson, Ruijie Liu, François Vaillant, Felicity Jackling, Kevin He Liu, Gordon K Smyth, Geoffrey J Lindeman, Matthew E Ritchie, Jane E Visvader

Despite accumulating evidence for a mammary differentiation hierarchy, the basal compartment comprising stem cells remains poorly characterized. Through gene expression profiling of Lgr5+ basal epithelial cells, we identify a new marker, Tetraspanin8 (Tspan8). Fractionation based on Tspan8 and Lgr5 expression uncovered three distinct mammary stem cell (MaSC) subsets in the adult mammary gland. These exist in a largely quiescent state but differ in their reconstituting ability, spatial localization, and their molecular and epigenetic signatures. Interestingly, the deeply quiescent MaSC subset (Lgr5+Tspan8hi) resides within the proximal region throughout life, and has a transcriptome strikingly similar to that of claudin-low tumours. Lgr5+Tspan8hi cells appear to originate from the embryonic mammary primordia before switching to a quiescent state postnatally but can be activated by ovarian hormones. Our findings reveal an unexpected degree of complexity within the adult MaSC compartment and identify a dormant subset poised for activation in response to physiological stimuli.

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Anti-Tspan-8 Antibody, clone 40/15-1B11-63-76-8, clone 40/15-1B11-63-76-8, from rat
Anti-Tspan8-C Antibody, clone 51/15-8G4-17-42-1, clone 51/15-8G4-17-42-1, from rat

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