Discovery phase of new drug development

High-quality reagents, consumables, and lab equipment for drug discovery that are truly predictive of clinical efficacy and safety are critical to the screening process.

As your drug screening process progresses, our resources and programs are here for you at every step so you can focus on discovering your innovation and ultimately helping patients.


The stages of drug discovery are as follows:

  • Target identification: as disease biology is more fully understood, new potential drug intervention points are identified (receptors, enzymes, ion-channels, circulating agonists, ...)
  • Target validation: evaluate target and confirm its role in the disease state
  • Lead discovery: lead identification and screening, in which multiple drug candidates are developed
  • Lead optimization: chemically related series that survive initial screening are optimized to improve their safety and efficacy
  • Preclinical research: in vitro studies to assess the effects and toxicity of lead drug candidates

Accelerate your research with our interactive tools (protein and enzyme, and antibody explorers) and application knowledge.

Biotech Resources

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Biotech Resource Hub

Biotech Resource Hub

Starting your journey to successful drug discovery, development, and commercialization


Establishing safety and effectiveness for your Investigational New Drug (IND) application

Phase I–II

Accelerating your process development with tips, templates, and application guides

Phase III and Manufacturing

Progressing from scale-up and tech transfer to quality production for trials and commercialization


Navigating one of the world’s most regulated industries starts with a trusted guide

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