Extending Our mRNA CDMO Offering

Integrated mRNA CDMO Offering with Exelead

Exelead Aquisition mRNA CDMO

After the remarkable rise of mRNA vaccines propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA-based therapeutics have moved into the global focus. They offer great potential for unmet therapeutic needs and the promise of new treatments for infectious diseases, genetic diseases, and cancer.

However, these advances come not without challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturing and formulation. As mRNA is inherently unstable and rapidly broken down in the body, the drug delivery system plays a critical part. Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations enable safe and efficient delivery into the cells and lead the way into a new era of genetic medicine.

Extending our mRNA offering to a fully integrated CDMO

With more than 20 years of experience providing critical components for mRNA therapies, we now further expand our mRNA manufacturing offering by adding Exelead’s capabilities to form the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services essential for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics development.

Expanding our lipid nanoparticle CDMO capabilities

Exelead is a full service CDMO covering all phases from pre-clinical development to commercial manufacturing for LNP formulations, including fill/finish. Adding Exelead’s capabilities and expertise strengthens our capabilities to manufacture LNPs and advances our CDMO offering to become the first ‘integrated mRNA CDMO’. This will significantly decrease supply chain complexity and enhance speed-to-market which in turn will help advance life-enhancing therapeutics.

Exelead’s lipid nanoparticle offering complements our existing global network of facilities and experts across raw materials and services, synthetic lipids, and customized solutions including the acquisition of AmpTec GmbH, a leading provider of customized mRNA manufacturing services.

Supporting the entire mRNA manufacturing pipeline from mRNA development to LNP formulation/fill & finish

Our unique and truly integrated offering across the entire mRNA value chain spans from mRNA development and manufacturing to the development, manufacturing and fill finish of the final formulation and includes:

  • Customized development and manufacturing of RNA and DNA, including an offering for mRNA technology products and products and services for mRNA purification
  • Custom and portfolio lipids that are already used in COVID-19 vaccines
  • Raw materials for process and formulation, including high-purity excipients
  • Preclinical development, clinical trial supply, commercial manufacturing and fill finish of liposomal and LNP formulations

Learn more about the acquisition of Exelead

For more information on the Exelead’s capabilities visit the website.

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