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Sigma-Aldrich® Dual Run and Blot System



Fits both 10x10 and 8x10 cassettes



General description

Sigma Aldrich′s Dual Run & Blot system provides you with a gel tank with unsurpassed functionality. The core module hinges open to accept gel cassettes or buffer dam and then simply clips in place to provide a completely sealed cathode chamber. This allows RunBuffer to be added and samples to be loaded outside of the tank. In addition, Safety Cover removal could not be easier, with two protruding posts to push against, it can be slid off smoothly!

The Dual Run & Blot system utilises a unique, patent pending, gradient electric filed for blotting which provides greatest potential for the largest proteins and less for the smaller proteins, giving the most uniform blotting ever!

Features and Benefits

  • Fits both 10x10 and 8x10 cassettes
  • Colours centre core to provide maximum contrast with loading buffer for easy loading
  • Excellent sealing and no leakage from cathode to anode
  • Can be cooled in place to reduce heat effects such as smiling in frowning
  • Gradient field for blotting providing more uniform transfer. Ideal for high quality wet blotting
  • Excellent value for money


  • Lower Reservoir Assembly (x1)
  • Safety Cover with Attached DC Leads (x1)
  • Electrophoresis Core Modue (x1)
  • Blotting Cassettes (x2)
  • Sponge Pads (x6)
  • Buffer Dam (x1)
  • Cooling Blocks (x2)

Legal Information

Sigma-Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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