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Breathe Easier sealing membrane for multiwell plates

pack of 100 ea

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white Rayon plate (non-woven)
white wells






pack of 100 ea


Diversified Biotech BERM-2000


96 wells



General description

Gas-Permeable Sealing Membrane - A Fresh Breath for Cell Growth Technology!

Breathe-Easier sealing membrane offers an exceedingly high rate of gas exchange to allow maximum cell growth rate. When adhered to a microtiter plate, the 5.5 mil thick membrane insures a uniform rate of gas exchange for all wells, while sustaining a contaminant-free environment within the well. Conventional microtiter lids disrupt uniform gas exchange from well to well by favoring those wells along the perimeter of the plate.

With Breathe-Easier, sterility is achieved using gamma irradiation. Unlike ethylene oxide sterilization, this sterilization method assures that no cytotoxins are introduced into the membranes. Breathe Easier will not inhibit fibroblast cell growth or division, and the membrane is FDA approved for blood and cell contact in wond healing. The acrylic adhesive exhibits excellent bonding characteristics with all different plastic microtiter plates.

  • High Gas Permeability- Rapid and uniform transmission of oxygen and exchange of carbon dioxide to stimulate cell growth. Water vapor transmission across membrane is 4.2 kg/m2/24 hours.
  • Non-Cytotoxic and Sterile- Membranes are gamma irradiated to assure sterility. Membranes are free of cytotoxins.
  • Thermal & Chemical Stability- Resists a majority of caustic agents and organic solvents as well as exposure to temperatures from -20 C to +80 C.
  • Simple Specimen Retrieval- Samples can be removed from plates with Breathe-Easier in place since membranes can be pierced with pipette tips.
  • Practically Designed & User-Friendly- Breathe-Easier format is 6 x 3.5 in. rectangles that fit 96-well plates, bio-blocks and tissue culture plates. Paper release liner is scored for easy application of membranes to plates.

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