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High-Purity Biochemicals and Reagents

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High-Purity Biochemicals and Reagents

BioUltra, BioXtra and BioPerformance Certified - Biochemical Reagents

Biochemicals used as reagents for biological research must be of high purity to ensure reliable experimental results. Our premium grades of biochemicals, BioUltra and BioXtra grades are the right choice for research requiring biochemicals that are free or low in trace elements (metals). These premium grades biochemicals are extensively tested for:

  • Metallic and non-metallic trace elements with ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) or ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy). Other general tests include appearance, solubility, insoluble matter, UV, pH, IR, molecular composition (GC, HPLC, TLC, NMR).
  • Also tested for Bio-active evaluation that are free of - Nuclease, Protease, Nickase, Phosphatase and low of endotoxin levels.

BioPerformance Certified grade biochemicals are tested for critical life science applications, such as cell culture, molecular biology, and diagnostics. They are tested for DNase, RNase, Protease, Nickase, cellular toxicity, and endotoxin levels.

Select to filter and view our range of biochemicals according to special grades:

The BioUltra grade of biochemistry reagents undergo more rigorous testing of well-defined purity standards to meet the stringent requirements of particularly sensitive molecular biology applications, including nucleic acid studies, protein expression, transformation/transfection, electrophoresis, PCR, buffer solutions and pre-mixed formulations.

The BioXtra grade of metal-free biochemicals and research reagents is subjected to stringent purity testing as well as specialized suitability testing to ensure low level impurities for cell culture applications, such as immunoassays, protein purification, transformations, and chromatography.

Tested and pre-qualified for use in multiple life science applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, and/or electrophoresis.

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