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Bioprocessing & Formulation Raw Materials

Process chemicals are key components for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. High-quality products, comprehensive documentation, and superior customer support facilitate your efforts in qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization to make your process development and manufacturing a success. Satisfy your regulatory requirements via our Emprove® Program for the full range of products spanning the entire biomanufacturing process. 

Technician in a cleanroom suit handling liquid cell culture media in a bioprocessing laboratory, with neatly arranged rows of sealed bottles containing the media and essential lab equipment in the background, indicating a sterile and controlled environment for bioprocessing applications.
Bioprocessing Liquid Cell Culture Media & Buffers

We offer the industry’s highest quality sterile filtered liquid capabilities, supplying ready-to-use cell culture media, buffers, CIP and SIP products from GMP facilities worldwide to optimize your biopharma production.

Three containers of varying sizes for storing buffers and pH adjusters, with the smallest on the left and the largest on the right, all featuring blue bodies and white labels, and red lids for the smaller containers and a blue lid for the largest.
Buffers & pH Adjusters

Buffers play a critical role in controlling pH in all phases of bioprocessing including cell banking, upstream, downstream, and final formulation. We offer the full range of organic and inorganic buffer components.

High quality raw materials supplied globally, in volumes from 1L bottles to 18.000L in tank containers
Cleaning in Place

Our tailor-made, top-quality Cleaning in Place (CIP) solutions help you save time, money, and effort. Instead of preparing your own solutions, simply order the volumes and concentrations you require from our GMP process solutions plant – then integrate them into your own processes. 

Technician overseeing bioreactor for chemical processing, featuring a professional in protective clothing meticulously monitoring a stainless steel bioreactor, which is integral to downstream processing and formulation in the chemical industry, within a cleanroom environment.
Downstream Process & Formulation Chemicals

Downstream and formulation chemicals ensure the yield and safety of your drug product throughout the downstream process. Supporting high-risk applications, our chemicals are multi-compendial and manufactured according to GMP guidelines.

Upstream Process Chemicals
Upstream Process Chemicals

Upstream process chemicals ensure superior performance of your cell culture process driving cell viability, productivity and critical quality attributes of the drug product.


Endonuclease enzymes are used to reduce the level of nucleic acid contamination in bioprocessing workflows and research applications by cleaving DNA and RNA into smaller fragments.

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