Clarification & Harvest

Clarification steps prepare your bioreactor harvest material for downstream purification by reducing the levels of impurities and particulates. Selecting the right separation technology depends on the properties of your fluid stream, process scale, and downstream processing steps.

Our clarification portfolio has options for every process and encompasses the filters and holders, pretreatment solutions, and hardware & systems you need to achieve efficient, robust, clarification to maximize success of your downstream operations.   

An industrial clarification filter system featuring multiple cylindrical units mounted on a metal frame, complete with gauges and valves, designed for large-scale filtration processes.
Clarification Filter Holders & Systems

Our flexible hardware and systems for disposable depth filters are ideal for clarification at pilot and process scales, featuring the modular Pod device that enables scale-up and scale-down within the same footprint.

A collection of clarification depth filters and pretreatment solutions, varying in size and equipped with blue handles, designed for efficient filtration processes. Displayed against a sterile white background, these filters are essential for the purification stages in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring high-quality end products.
Clarification Depth Filters & Pretreatment Solutions

To prepare your cell culture harvest for downstream chromatography and purification, our Millistak+® and Clarisolve® depth filters and flocculation polymers offer upstream process solutions for both primary and secondary clarification. Millistak+® HC and HC Pro can be used as polishing filters at a certain point in the downstream purification process.

Three cylindrical white clarification filters designed to remove particles and microorganisms from pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical process streams. The filters are set against a blue background.
Clarification Prefilters

Clarification prefilters remove particles and microorganisms from pharma and biopharma process streams. Learn how our clarification prefilters remove insoluble impurities early in your process, protecting critical downstream operations.

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