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Protein Mass Spectrometry

A detailed view of a protein mass spectrometry machine, featuring various components such as tubes, wires, and dials, with a visible emergency stop button and cautionary yellow label. In the background, a scientist in a lab coat works within a laboratory setting, highlighting the machine’s use in scientific research and technological advancement.

The expanding field of proteomics requires unique reagents and sample prep products such as enzymes, reference standards, mobile phases, matrices and sample clean-up devices. High throughput methods, automation and improvements in LC/MS/MS have allowed mass spec workflows to expand outside of academic research and into clinical diagnostic applications. In order to fulfill these mass spectrometry needs we offer a comprehensive range of reagents to cover your complete workflow.  

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Enzyme Reagents

Reliable and efficient protein digestion with selective and pure sequencing grade proteases is a crucial step when preparing proteomics samples. We offer a wide range of both natural source and recombinant proteases including endoproteinases like Trypsin (T1426), Chymotrypsin (C6423), Lys-C (324715), Glu-C (324713), Asp-N (324708), as well as a variety of Aminopeptidases (A8200) and Carboxypeptidases (C9584). Additionally, SOLu-Trypsin is a ready-to-use recombinant trypsin solution (EMS0004). This Advanced Proteomics Grade enzyme is solution stable for mass spectrometry, designed to be stable in solution when refrigerated, and SOLu-Trypsin can be used immediately without preparation. 

Silutions Stable Isotobe-Labeled Ms Internal Standards

We provide a wide range of proteomics standards designed specifically for mass spectrometry applications. Highly characterized protein and peptide mixtures are available for applications ranging from MS instrument performance to specific post translational analysis. All products are produced with the highest levels of quality and are designed specifically for your proteomics applications. 

Our Universal Proteomics Standards (UPS) with well-defined, well-characterized standards are made up of 48 proteins 6-83 KD or 6 mixtures of 8 proteins (UPS2). Additionally, the MS Qual/Quant QC Mix (MSQC1) contains 6 trypsin digested human proteins and 14 SIL peptides, while the MS Retention Time Calibration Mix (MSRT1 and MSRT2) are injection-ready mixtures containing 14 stable isotope-labeled peptides or 9 native proteins, respectively. 


SILu™Prot products are a novel collection of stable isotope labeled (SIL, or “heavy labeled”) full length proteins designed to be used as mass spectrometry internal standards for quantitative proteomics. We also offer all the SILu™Prot products in their unlabeled form, SILu™Lite proteins. Additionally, our SILu™MAb and SILu™Lite Antibody Standards are recombinant IgG1 monoclonal antibody standards that are useful to assess the pharmacokinetic properties of biotherapeutics, such as monoclonal therapeutic antibodies and Fc-fusion therapeutics. SILu™MAb is a stable isotope labeled antibody, while SILuLite is the corresponding unlabeled form of the antibody. 

SCIEX iChemistry™ Solutions

In collaboration with SCIEX, we now provide their global distribution mass spectrometry-based tagging chemistries, SCIEX iChemistryTM Solutions, for use in basic research and applied markets. The two companies together provide total reagent solutions for quantitative proteomics, to allow researchers to dig deeper into complex biological systems, analyze prospective biomarkers, and deliver results. You now have access to the largest selection of high-quality tools for workflows to enable biomarker analysis. Specifically, in protein biology, our offerings include the SCIEX ICAT®, iTRAQ®, mTRAQ®, and CYP450 product lines for quantitative proteomics. With our targeted selection of kits, tagging reagents, calibrants, and MS standards, we are committed to meet your mass spectrometry reagent needs. 

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