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Dietary Terpenes
Terpenes comprise the largest and most diverse class of secondary metabolites; approximately 55,000 compounds have been identified to date.
Terpenes in Cannabis: Profile and Importance
Comprehensive analytical characterization of terpene profile in cannabis and hemp products using GC-MS based workflow helps promote health and safety of cannabis producers and consumers while meeting the legal requirements.
Complete Workflow for Comprehensive Cannabis Terpenes Analysis
Complete workflow for the comprehensive analysis of terpenes in cannabis
Headspace SPME-GC/MS Analysis of Terpenes in Hops and Cannabis
Terpenes are present in essential oils derived from plants and often impart characteristic aromas to the plant or its oil. The SPME is a convenient, efficient, and easy to automate sample preparation technology for analyzing the terpene/terpenoid profile of these
GC Analysis of Terpenes in Cannabis on Equity-1 after Headspace SPME
GC Analysis of Terpenes in Cannabis on Equity®-1 after Headspace SPME using 50/30 μm DVB/CAR/PDMS Fiber
Cannabis Terpene Analysis by Headspace SPME GC/MS
High-resolution profiling of terpenes and terpenoids to identify fragrance compounds and distinguish hops and cannabis varieties using SPME-GC/MS.
GC Analysis of Terpenes in Hops (Cascade Variety) on Equity®-1 after Headspace SPME using 50/30 µM DVB/CAR/PDMS Fiber
-ß-Farnesene; Humulene; γ-Muurolene; γ-Selinene; Geranyl isobutyrate; ß-Selinene; a-Muurolene; a-Selinene; γ-Cadinene; Calamenene; Δ-Cadinene; Caryophyllene oxide; Humulene oxide
Simplify Your Terpene Sample Collection in Air with the Carbotrap® T420 Thermal Desorption Tube
Simplify your thermal desorption-based terpenes sample collection in air. Learn more about their profiling, odor measurement, industrial hygiene, and environmental emissions.
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis Ginkgo
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis of Flavonoids and Quantification of Terpene Lactones in Ginkgo Biloba Extracts and Tablets
Cannabis Testing
Cannabis analysis includes quantitation of cannabinoids, terpenes, residual pesticides and mycotoxins, heavy metals, moisture, and microbial contamination in cannabis plants and cannabis-infused products with the help of robust analytical testing methods.
Isoprene Biosynthesis
Two metabolic pathways exist for the biosynthesis of isopentenyl pyrophosphate and dimethylallyl pyrophosphate: The mevalonate pathway, predominantly used by plants and in a few insect species. The non-mevalonate pathway or methyl D-erythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) pathway, which occurs in plant chloroplasts
Cannabis Testing
Find quality products and complete workflow solutions for your accurate and reliable cannabis testing needs. From the identification and potency testing of cannabinoids, to testing the presence of pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, terpenes, residual solvents, and moisture content in cannabis
Analysis of Adulterated Lemon Essential Oil on the SLB-5ms
Analysis of Adulterated Lemon Essential Oil on the SLB-5ms
GC Analysis of Lemon Essential Oil on SLB®-IL59, 3 °C/min Oven Ramp
-α-Bergamotene; β-Bisabolene; α-Terpineol; Neryl acetate; Geranyl acetate; Neral; Geranial
GC Analysis of Spearmint Essential Oil on SLB®-IL59
-Cymene; Linalool; Menthol; α-Terpineol; Menthyl acetate
Coenzyme A
Enzyme Reagent Coenzyme A (CoA, CoASH or HSCoA) is the key cofactor in first step of the TCA cycle, responsible for transferring the acetyl group from pyruvate oxidation to oxaloacetate yielding citrate. Available through Sigma-Aldrich online.
Certified Reference Materials
Browse our Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for applications in forensic and clinical toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, cannabis testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, and food & beverage testing.
Thermal Desorption Tube Selection Guide
Application overview for carbotrap® thermal desorption tubes with multiple beds and thermal desorption tube selection by agency method
Singaram Group – Professor Product Portal
here are many optically active organic compounds of biological and medicinal significance. For example, statine analogs, antibiotics, anesthetics, heterocyclic compounds, unusual amino acids, and insect pheromones all contain stereogenic centers. There is, therefore, a continuous need for new asymmetric methodology.
Food & Cosmetic Component Standards
Explore our wide selection of analytical standards and certified reference materials (CRMs) for food and beverage, cosmetic, and personal care products, including flavors, fragrances, essential oils, toxins, UV-blockers, sweeteners, and organic acids.
Small Molecule HPLC
Small molecules are ions and compounds of molecular weight typically less than 900 daltons. These compounds can be effectively separated and analyzed by HPLC, UHPLC and LC-MS using mainly silica particles or monolithic stationary phases with a broad range of
Natural Products
Our portfolio of natural products features isolated and purified phytochemical compounds from botanical sources to advance your research endeavors.
Phytochemical Standards
Choose from our collection of phytochemical standards, including analytical standards, primary reference standards, and certified reference materials of herbal medicines, multicomponent plant extracts, and botanical extracts for your analytical testing needs.
Pesticide Standards
We offer a complete range of pesticide reference material standards with a variety of quality grades such as analytical standard grade (PESTANAL®), reference material or certified reference material (TraceCERT®) grade for food, environmental analyses.
The Fight to Prevent Food Fraud
Increasing needs to test the integrity or authenticity of food and beverages as food fraud scandals are on the rise. We have portfolios that provide reliable results when performing analyses on the authenticity of food.
Determination of Headspace Volatiles in Distilled Spirits Using SPME Coupled to GC
In this article, SPME-GC was successfully used to identify many volatile compounds present in the headspace over several spirits.
Chemical Analysis for Food and Beverage Testing
Discover the application of analytical techniques involved in the chemical analysis of food and beverages for safety, authenticity, and quality assurance.
Quick, Sensitive LC/MS/MS Analysis of Aflatoxins in Cannabis
Analyte recovery values from spiked cannabis extracts ranged from 102 to 127% with RSD below 12% for 3 replicates. Excellent recovery values were even observed for Aflatoxins B2 and G2 which were spiked at a low level of 6.1 ppb.
Applications for Bis(pyridine)iodonium Tetrafluoroborate
Bis(pyridine)iodonium tetrafluoroborate is a mild iodinating and oxidizing reagent capable of selectively reacting with a wide range of unsaturated substrates and tolerates a variety of functional groups.
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