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Plastic Recycling Programs

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Lab Plastic Waste Assessment

SHIFT: Creating Circular Recycling Solutions

The dependence on single-use plastic devices in both research and pharmaceutical drug manufacturing is growing every year. While these devices enable increased efficiencies and consistent results, a large majority of the waste is not being recycled. With several years of experience in developing recycling programs, we are determined to improve plastic circularity and SHIFT perspectives in the life science industry. 

Through engagement and collaboration with our customers, we will be able to develop circular recycling solutions to reduce the amount of plastic in the value chain and offer cost-effective re-processing of the plastic waste back into products and packaging within our supply chain. To start, we first understand the types and amounts of plastics our customers are disposing of.

We have developed a plastic waste assessment guide and tools that can be used by an individual or an entire lab to measure the amount and types of plastics and how they are being disposed in the lab. The data collected from these assessments provides a plastic benchmark to measure and track changes within your lab.

We are also looking for labs in the U.S. or Europe to join our pilot program in conducting a plastic waste assessment. This pilot provides data for your lab and will contribute to an industry-wide plastic footprint study. Be a part of the solution! Together, your lab’s plastic footprint will help us develop better, more circular, recycling solutions for the industry.

Curious about joining the SHIFT lab plastic waste assessment pilot program?  Contact us using the form below.

Biopharma Recycling Program

Biopharma Recycling Program

This first-of-its-kind Biopharma Recycling Program is a US-based program that recycles single-use product waste into industrial-grade plastic lumber products. Even when classified as biohazardous, plastic biopharma waste can be safely recycled into traceable plastic products.

We are continually working to evolve recycling for the industry. As new technologies emerge, we aim to expand our offerings. Stay tuned and check back here for more information on our next step in developing biopharma recycling for regions outside of the US.

Curious about joining the program? Contact us using the form below.

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