[Treatment effect of sodium pyruvate nasal spray on allergic rhinitis].

Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgery (2017-01-20)
L S Li, R Q Wang, K Guan

Objective:Pyruvate is a key intermediate in several metabolic pathways of human body Sodium pyruvate possesses anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects, which make it a possible novel therapy for allergic rhinitis. However, the relevant clinical research is rare. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the treatment effect of sodium pyruvate nasal spray on allergic rhinitis.Method:This was a randomized, parallel-group, single-center study, and 53 adult patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by Artemisia pollen were recruited. In the pollen season, all the participants were given corticosteroid nasal spray of standard dose for two weeks, and during the next two weeks they were randomized to treatment group (n = 23) taking nasal sodium pyruvate, and control group (n = 30) without sodium pyruvate. Daily rhinoconjunctivitis symptom score and daily rescue medication score were analyzed. Also the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide of the upper airway was measured before and after the treatment of sodium pyruvate. Result:The demographic characteristics and baseline disease severity were not significantly different between the treatment group and control group. Both the daily symptom score (1.4±0.6 vs 1.7±0.4, P= 0.006) and rescue medication score (4.8±1.2 vs 5.8±1.2, P= 0.000) of the treatment group was significantly lower than the scores of control group. In addition, nasal fraction of exhaled nitric oxide of the treatment group (596.3±134.6)ppb tended to be lower than control group (709.6±311.3)ppb, although the difference was not significant, P= 0.408. Conclusion:Sodium pyruvate nasal spray was effective in attenuating the rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms and reducing the rescue medication use of allergic rhinitis patients. The application value and mechanism of action of sodium pyruvate are worth further studying.

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