Genome Engineering with CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs)

Genome Editing is a powerful technique that can be used to elucidate gene function and the genetic basis of disease. CompoZr Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) may be used for genome editing and enable gene knockout, gene integration or gene modification for in vitro or in vivo applications by introducing a user-defined double stranded DNA break. Once the double stranded break is introduced taking advantage of either non-homologous end joining or homology directed repair enables the desired genetic outcome. This video describes the use of CompoZr ZFNs to create a gene knockout.

We offer the following products for gene editing:

  • Knockout ZFNs
  • Custom ZFN Service
  • Targeted Integration Kits


Hansen K, Coussens MJ, Sago J, Subramanian S, Gjoka M, Briner D. (2012). Genome Editing with CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs). J. Vis. Exp. (64), e3304.. DOI: 10.3791/3304