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Aroma chemicals enhance the flavor or fragrance in a wide range of consumer products. Our certified food-grade, IFRA (International Fragrance Association), natural, kosher, and halal ingredients undergo scientific analysis and dedicated testing to provide safe and high-quality aroma chemicals for product formulation and development. A collaborative approach towards qualified vendors and compliance with internationally recognized regulatory requirements helps you meet the requirements of your customer.

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Natural Products

Support the natural designation of your formulation with our independently verified raw materials. Documentation supporting regulatory and quality compliance is available for all of our natural aroma chemicals. Slight variations exist between US and European requirements for natural ingredients - all our products meet EU Commission standards, unless noted as US Natural.

Kosher Products

Products certified as Kosher Parve are food products and ingredients that conform to the regulations of Jewish dietary law. In Hebrew, “kosher” translates to mean right or proper. Within the kosher food classifications, there are three categories by which kosher food is classified: meat (fleishig), dairy (milchig), and pareve (neutral). Within each of those categories, further rules exist regarding the ways in which the food is handled and consumed. Regardless of the additional rules for consumption, any product that has been labeled as kosher indicates that the item meets the basic food product standards set by Jewish dietary law. We ensure compliance with kosher manufacturing and packaging rules and offer more than 1,200 kosher-certified chemicals with a strong rabbinical partnership.

Halal Products

Our broad portfolio of aroma chemicals contains over 1,000 Halal aroma products, certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) to meet halal requirements. The term "Halal" for consumer products signifies that the ingredients used are permissible for use or consumption by Muslim people in accordance with Islamic Shariʻah (law). In relation to Halal food, the criteria specify both what foods are allowed and how the food must be prepared. 

Fragrance Products

Fragrance ingredients are abundantly used in cosmetics and household products both to impart perfume or mask odors. Consumers’ connection with fragrance through olfactory memory creates greater demand in the market. We are dedicated to providing high-quality aroma chemicals for fragrance formulation that align with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) recommendations.

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