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Chromatography Systems for Bioprocessing

Single-use and multi-use chromatography systems are critical factors for the successful separation of your valuable molecules. From pilot to process-scale, our systems are designed to provide robust, consistent performance with the processing flexibility you need. We also offer an unmatched portfolio of chromatography resins and membranes, backed by unparalleled applications and validation support. With this complete product offering, we continue to support you in your efforts to increase productivity and process efficiency. Our experts can help you find the right product for your chromatography process. 

Mobius® Multi Column Capture System

Mobius® Multi Column Capture System

The Mobius® Multi Column Capture system is a fully automated, single-use solution to operate continuous closed capture chromatography. It manages process parameters in real time with reference to changing column load, surge feed tank load, and monitoring resin performance. Coupled with an in-line dilution capability and intuitive software, the 3 columns system allows complete control of the capture step of your fed-batch or perfusion bioprocess. The Mobius® Multi Column Capture system is suitable for bioreactor volumes ranging from 50 L to 2000 L.  Learn more on multi column chromatography.

Mobius® Chrom 20 system, for SU processes at clinical and process scale

Mobius® Chrom Systems

The Mobius® Chrom systems are a flexible, automated, single- use chromatography systems that enable consistent and reliable separation and purification of mAbs, vaccines, plasma, and therapeutic proteins at clinical and process scales. The innovative single-use flowpath reduces contamination risk and gives you the confidence to tackle any chromatography challenge. The systems deliver optimal operational flexibility for processes from 50 to 2,000 L with flow rates from 0.1 to 20 L /min, a 5:1 turn down ratio at process scale and enhanced isocratic and linear gradient accuracy. Its single-use flow path offers the flexibility to operate in functionally or fully closed mode.

CoPrime® System, fully automated system for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and cGMP process scale operations

CoPrime® biochromatography systems

CoPrime® biochromatography systems are designed to achieve optimum separation and purification of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, plasma, and therapeutic proteins. The systems support rapid scale-up and are ideally suited for pilot and process scale. They are based on 50 years of process knowledge and engineering expertise, providing a configurable, intuitive process-scale purification solution. CoPrime® B and C sizes have an extended flow rate span and optimized performance for greater gradient accuracy and purification reproduction. The CoPrime® size C covers higher scales and allows scale-up directly from CoPrime™ B.

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