Sterile Sampling

Closed sterile sampling provides you with the safety you need when sampling in your manufacturing process. NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling systems and NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies are perfect closed sampling solutions that significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and give you representative samples throughout your process. Solutions include NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies for single-use manufacturing processes, or NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling systems, designed to connect to any stainless-steel unit operation.  

  • Closed Design: Protects the integrity of your process and sample.
  • Easy to use: Plug and play options with a choice of connection and a range of containers.

Explore NovaSeptum® SURe assemblies for single-use processes

Explore NovaSeptum® GO systems for stainless steel or multi-use processes


From bioreactor to final filling, NovaSeptum® sterile sampling provides biomanufacturers with consistent and representative samples to analyze pH, conductivity, cell viability, metabolites, monitor bioburden, and endotoxins level.

NovaSeptum® SURe Media Preparation
Media Preparation

Monitor and adjust process parameters by sampling for pH, osmolality and/or conductivity.

NovaSeptum® SURe Bioreactor

Enable aseptic fluid additions to adjust or feed your process.

NovaSeptum® SURe Bioburden Reduction
Bioburden Reduction

Excellent recovery of microorganisms from all sampling containers, with in-line connection holders that make it easy to add additional bioburden monitoring steps.

NovaSeptum® SURe Chromatography

Easy monitoring of bioburden, endotoxin, and quality prior to the next processing step protecting expensive resins from contaminants.

NovaSeptum® SURe Sterile Filtration
Sterile Filtration

Sample to demonstrate the effectiveness of your sterile filtration, validated sampling containers ensuring no impact to endotoxin recovery, minimize sample volume of valuable product.

NovaSeptum® SURe Final Fill
Final Fill

Seamless integration into your final fill process, high level of security, representative samples.

CHOOSE YOUR NovaSeptum® SURe Sterile Sampling Assembly for your Single-Use Process

To select the best single-use sampling solution for your process, first consider your preferred connection type: heat welding or aseptic connection. The pre-configured assembly is then easily integrated into your process via C-Flex® tubing or an AsepticQuik® connector.

Then identify the appropriate sampling container based on sample volume, type of assay, storage condition, and other key parameters in your sampling plan. Our NovaSeptum® SURe sterile sampling assemblies are standard single and manifold units of three or five containers available in bags, bottles, syringes, or conical tubes.


NovaSeptum® GO holders and security tag. Easy integration into stainless steel system with TC, in-line and Ingold® connection. Various number of ports tailored to your specific sampling needs.
Step 1: Select Your Holder

Choose the holder that fits your process: Tri-clamp (TC), In-line or In-Gold®. TC holders are also available preloaded with various container types

Choose Your Container Format
Step 2: Choose Your Container Format

Choose from a range of bottles, bags, syringes, and conical tubes. These come in a variety of sizes and configurations – single sampling, manifold or preloaded.

NovaSeptum® crimping tool cuts and seals tubing while maintaining closed and aseptic sampling condition
Step 3: Add a Crimper for Aseptic Disconnection

Ensure sterility throughout the process. Disconnect your samples using the Novaseptum® manual crimping tool.

Optional Accessories
Step 4: Optional Accessories

Designed to maximize ease of use, we have accessories available such as bag racks, port plugs, and security tags.


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