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Poly-L-Lysine Cell Attachment Protocol

Attach Cells to a Surface using Poly-lysine

Poly-L-lysine is a nonspecific attachment factor for cells and is useful in promoting cell adhesion to solid substrates by enhancing electrostatic interaction between negatively charged ions of the cell membrane and the culture surface. After absorption to the culture surface, poly-lysine increases the number of positively charged cell binding sites. The following protocol applies to product numbers P4707*, P4832*, P7280, P6407, P7405, P9155, P6282, and P5899.

Optimal conditions must be determined for each cell line and application.

  1. Add 50 mL of sterile tissue culture grade water to 5 mg of poly-lysine.
  2. Aseptically coat culture surface with 1.0 mL/25 cm2 (only). Rock gently to ensure even coating of the culture surface.
  3. After 5 minutes, remove solution by aspiration and thoroughly rinse surface with sterile tissue culture grade water.
  4. Allow to dry at least 2 hours before introducing cells and medium.

*NOTE: Step 1 is not necessary for poly-lysine solutions (P4707 and P4832).

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