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MISSION® shRNA Guarantee

Based upon the design algorithm developed by The Broad Institute, upon purchase of the defined clone set quantity on the shRNA detail page for your gene of interest in viral format (this varies, but is typically 5 clones), we guarantee that at least one of those viral clones for a gene should yield greater than 70% knockdown of the targeted transcript in cultured cells. This guarantee does not apply to transient transfections with DNA. In the case that there are no more shRNA for that gene target, or all shRNA fail to knock down the target gene by 70% or more, we will refund the price for the clone set quantity. Generally more than one clone in each gene set gives significant knockdown. Proper controls and conditions are required (we recommend using the MISSION® Non-Target shRNA control or the MISSION® empty vector control). Appropriate supporting data would include quantitative PCR based silencing data, comparing target mRNA levels of an appropriate positive control shRNA to an appropriate negative control shRNA, demonstrating knockdown of the target mRNA greater than or equal to 70%. Due to the variability of antibodies and protein half-lives, we are unable to accept protein based detection methods. For more information or questions, please email here.