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MISSION® Lentiviral shRNA

MISSION® Lentiviral shRNA

This tutorial video demonstrates how MISSION® RNAi (RNA interference) experiments leverage the natural RNAi mechanism. MISSION® shRNA reduce the expression of specific target genes by targeting the specific mRNA therefore reducing the corresponding protein expression.

The RNAi consortium (TRC) comprehensive content

  • Largest, most comprehensive shRNA library available, providing unparalleled genome coverage
  • Pre-cloned genome-wide libraries: 245,000+ clone shRNA library targeting 20,000+ human and 21,000+ mouse genes

High-throughput manufacturing

  • World class high-throughput viral manufacturing including high-titer virus for use in vivo

Flexible format options

  • Entire libraries, gene panels, pooled libraries, or single gene sets offered in glycerol stock, DNA or viral format