Carboxylated reduced graphene oxide

Carboxylic acid enriched reduced graphene oxide, Dispersible reduced graphene oxide, rGO-COOH, Dispersible graphene


Carboxylated reduced graphene oxide is a specially designed dispersible form of reduced graphene oxide (rGO). This product offers conductive rGO sheets with abundant carboxyl groups, making it a versatile starting material for various applications, including biosensors and strong nanocomposites.

Many different chemical reactions are enabled by the carboxyl groups:
  • bioconjugations, which can be used to modify the graphene sheets for target-specific biosensing;
  • post-crosslinking, which can be utilized to make colvalently-bonded high-toughness graphene nanocomposites.

The dispersibility of this material further allows uniform dispersion of rGO into various water-based polymeric matrix.

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