Büchi® Kugelrohr micro distillation oven, B-585

temperature and time can be programmed at 3 levels


AC/DC input

110 V / 230 V AC

mfr. no.

Büchi, 046601

W × H × D

25.6 in. (65.0 cm) × 11.8 in. (30.0 cm) × 11.8 in. (30.0 cm)

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General description

The Büchi micro distillation system is ideal for drying, distilling, and the sublimation of small-volume samples from ambient temperatures up to 300°C.

Fast heating, safety, and versatility are just some of their convenient features/benefits: Transparent sample vessels let you easily observe sample reactions; stainless steel sleeves protect glassware and distillation tube.

  • Includes 3 x 20 mL ball-tube assembly, ball-tube drive unit and 60 mL rotation drying flask
  • Fast heating to 300°C in 10 min
  • Steady vacuum for difficult sample solvents
  • Shorter evaporation vessel eliminates cross-contamination and improves reproducibility
  • Transparent sample vessel for complete visibility of sample during entire process
  • Stainless steel protective sleeve ensures safety
  • Temperature regulation from 40°C to 300°C, ±5°C
  • Reaches -70°C for freeze-drying and sublimation with accessory circulator
  • For small-scale distillation from 10 mL to 60 mL
  • Rotation speed up to 50 rpm for uniform evaporation
  • User-programmable distillation profiles

Other Notes

Micro distillation applications require vacuum pumps, controllers, and a recirculating chiller.

Legal Information

Büchi is a registered trademark of Büchi Labortechnik AG
原产地证书 (CofO)




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