Mouse Oligonucleotide Libraries

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General description

The Mouse Oligonucleotide Library is a specially designed oligo set that was selected to best represent all of the mouse genes associated with the public mRNA sequences. Using Compugen′s powerful LEADS technology to generate the most comprehensive representation of the transcriptome, a single long oligo has been generated for every gene within the library. These 65-mers have a 5′-C6 amino modification for flexible and universal covalent binding of the oligo to a variety of substrates. The Mouse Oligonucleotide Library consists of 21,997 oligos, which represent 21,766 LEADS clusters plus 231 controls. For more detailed information on the Mouse Oligonucleotide Library, visit for the most complete and up-to-date product information.

Features and Benefits

• The most accurate oligos designed by Compugen using their LEADS sequence database and proprietary complex algorithms to provide increased sensitivity and specificity with minimal cross-hybridization
• Libraries are arranged by gene function and are available as an entire library or subsets of the library in 4x96- and 384-well plate format
• Quality tested using PAGE, Mass Spec., and capillary electrophoresis to verify purity, synthesis, length and orientation in plates
• Includes access to where you will find detailed information about the oligos and genes, including accession numbers, sequence information, oligo properties, gene annotation, and more


96-well and 384-well products are both available in 1 nmole/well and 500 pmole/well amounts.

Legal Information

LEADS is a trademark of Compugen
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