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300 hole x 0.6mm, Aluminium, suitable for portable MAS-100 NT®, MAS-100 VF® and ICRplus contact plates

Collection head, Sieve head, Perforated lid 300 x 0.6


aluminum lid






air monitoring


for use with contact plates



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The Perforated lid (300 x 0.6 mm) for use with lockable and non-lockable contact plates is made from anodized aluminum and can be used with the MAS-100® portable microbial air samplers, except MAS-100 Eco®. The sieve of the perforated lid is at the core of the viable air sampler. Each hole must have an identical diameter and length to accelerate the aspirated air correctly. The 3mm thickness of the perforated sieve guarantee a well-defined impaction jet. The impaction speed defines the physical sampling efficiency. The cut-off value D50 must be identical between holes and between lids. That is why intense quality control of the sieves is performed. The sieve pattern with 300 holes of a diameter of 0.6 mm provides an impaction speed of approximately 20 m/s at a flow rate of 100 l/min. This impaction speed allows a high physical efficiency, providing a sampling efficiency of more the 50% of small particles at a size of less than 1.1 μm (D50, calculated, below 0.8 μm in validation studies) while maintaining the viability of microorganisms during impaction on the agar surface (biological efficiency). The validation of physical and biological efficiency has been independently performed for each individual MAS Air sampler model. The perforated lid can be autoclaved and disinfected with all disinfectants compatible to anodized aluminum in order to avoid false positive results in high grade cleanrooms.


The perforated lid with 300 x 0.6 mm hole sieve for use with non-lockable and lockable contact plates, e.g. ICR and ICR plus contact plates is used for microbial monitoring of ambient air with portable MAS-100® microbial air samplers, except MAS-100 Eco® in controlled environments, such as ISO 5 cleanrooms. Microbial air sampling devices are extensively used in Pharmaceutical and Personal care industries as well as in Food, Beverage and Environmental applications.


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