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HyStem ®-C 细胞培养支架试剂盒

Trial Kit, For 2.5 mL of hydrogel scaffold solution





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HyStem®-C cell culture scaffold kit has been used to prepare HyStem hydrogels to culture breast cancer cells.


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Hystem-HP 水凝胶细胞培养支架可定制、具有良好的特征和一致性,提供了一个复杂的三维环境,细胞能够在其中增殖,就像在体内 一样。
• 可定制-多细胞生物中的每种不同细胞类型都有其独特的微环境。 Hystem-C提供了调整培养细胞环境的灵活性,以模仿其体内对应物并优化增殖和分化。
• 合成-作为合成基质,Hystem-C提供了比模棱两可的提取ECM替代品更好的细胞环境控制。 对全部组分进行了充分表征和一致配制。Hystem-C包含透明质酸(合成),外链(合成),Gelin-S(猪)和水。
• 生物学上准确-Hystem-C水凝胶富含透明质酸和变性胶原,可密切模拟生活中的复杂三维细胞环境,为培养细胞提供了最佳环境。
Customizable, well characterized and consistent, Hystem-C hydrogel cell culture scaffolds provide a complex, three dimensional environment in which cells are able to proliferate, much as they would in vivo.
  • Customizable - each distinct cell type in a multicellular organism has its own unique microenvironment. Hystem-C offers the flexibility to tailor the environments of cultured cells to mimic their in vivo counterparts and optimize proliferation and differentiation.
  • Synthetic - As a synthetic matrix, Hystem-C offers greater control of the cellular environment than ambiguous extracted ECM alternatives.  All components are well characterized and consistently formulated. Hystem-C contains Hyaluronic acid (synthetic), Extralink (synthetic), Gelin-S (porcine), and Water.
  • Biologically accurate - Rich in hyaluronic acid and denatured collagen, the Hystem-C hydrogel closely mimics the complex three dimensional cellular environments found in life, providing an optimal environment for culturing your cells.

Hystem-C enables the attachment of a wide variety of cell types through Gelin-S (thiolated gelatin).

The Hystem-C Trial Kit enables researchers to evaluate the Hystem-C technology in their own hands and confirm that Hystem-C is the right choice for their research.

With Hystem-C, researchers can tailor the incorporation of ECM proteins and growth factors as well as the elasticity of the hydrogel and cell incorporation (encapsulations or top plating) to create the specific 3D environment required by their cells.

Hystem-C has been successfully used to expand human embryonic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells, neural progenitor cells, and hepatic progenitor cells.


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