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Human CRISPR Inhibition 10x Compatible Druggable Library


pkg of 5 vials (5x200µL aliquots )


≥5x108 VP/ml (via p24 Assay)




dry ice




The 10x Compatible Human CRISPRi Kinase Phosphatase Drug Targets Kit (Druggable Genome) contains one sub-pool of the top two ranked sgRNAs per gene for increased sensitivity and includes non-targeting controls built-in. In addition, the LV15 vector has both BFP and puromycin as selection markers and an optimized scaffold with capture sequence 2 (CS2, Compatible with 10x Feature Barcode technology) for sgRNA expression and function.

Custom pools for follow-up screening or 10x Genomics Compatible CRISPR pools are also available by contacting your local sales representative.


  • Functional Genomics/Target Validation
  • Focused forward genetic activation screening
  • Validated positive and negative controls
  • Set up and optimization of screen assay
  • Creation of cell lines stably expressing KRAB-dCas9


  • Focus on your research, and we will generate your lentivirus screening library.
  • Optimized (F+E) gRNA scaffold. (pools are gRNA-only, KRAB-dCas9 sold separately CRISPRICON or CRISPRI10X
  • A total of 2,318 Human Druggable genes targeted.
  • Total of 4,636 unique gRNAs (top two ranking gRNAs)
  • Use puromycin and or BFP as selection markers


The power of CRISPR for genome engineering, coupled with the ability to perform large-scale, whole-genome loss-of-function (LOF) screening, has allowed breakthroughs in identifying gene pathways in drug resistance and disease. CRISPR is most commonly used to create double-stranded breaks that often result in loss of gene function (CRISPR-KO). However, the full extent of CRISPR′s utility extends beyond just targeted cutting of DNA. CRISPR′s Nuclease-independent applications provide equal targeting specificity. Instead of cutting, CRISPRi allows for targeted interference of gene function by delivering transcriptional repressor domains to a specific target sequence using modified dCas9 + gRNA complexes. Gene knockdown complements CRISPR-KO and CRISPRa (activation) and has distinct advantages over existing loss-of-function strategies like RNAi. As a world leader in producing lentiviral libraries, we design and build custom pools to any specifications. With this capability, we have partnered with 10x Genomics to bring innovative pooled screening products to enable discovery at single-cell resolution


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