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Benjamin J Thwaites et al.
Chemosphere, 172, 408-417 (2017-01-16)
The retrofitting of existing wastewater sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) to select for rapid-settling aerobic granular sludge (AGS) over floc-based conventional activated sludge (CAS), could be a viable option to decrease reactor cycle time and increase hydraulic capacity. Successful CAS-to-AGS conversion
Magda Pál et al.
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 137, 189-202 (2019-02-25)
Besides their protective role, polyamines also serve as signalling molecules. However, further studies are needed to elucidate the polyamine signalling pathways, especially to identify polyamine-regulated mechanisms and their connections with other regulatory molecules. Reduced height (Rht) genes in wheat are
Bruno Provenzano et al.
Amino acids, 51(10-12), 1623-1631 (2019-10-17)
The differentiation therapy is focused on the identification of new agents able to impair the proliferative and metastatic potential of cancer cells through the induction of differentiation. Although several markers of cell differentiation on tumor cells have been identified, their
Razieh Parchami et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1481, 37-43 (2016-12-26)
The head-space solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) was applied to extraction and determination of histamine (HIS), putrescine (PUT), cadaverine (CAD), tyramine (TYR) in canned fish samples by ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) without any derivatization process. HIS and CAD have the same
Fatih Ozogul et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 63(24), 5828-5835 (2015-06-06)
Conversion of ornithine to putrescine by Salmonella Paratyphi A, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli was investigated in ornithine decarboxylase broth (ODB) using cell-free supernatants (CFSs) obtained from Leuconostoc mesenterodies subsp. cremoris, Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, Streptococcus
Cinzia Ingallina et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 25(8) (2020-04-25)
The chemical composition of the inflorescences from four Cannabis sativa L. monoecious cultivars (Ferimon, Uso-31, Felina 32 and Fedora 17), recently introduced in the Lazio Region, was monitored over the season from June to September giving indications on their sensorial
María Carolina Fabio et al.
The European journal of neuroscience, 41(12), 1569-1579 (2015-04-14)
Animal models of prenatal ethanol exposure (PEE) have indicated a facilitatory effect of PEE on adolescent ethanol intake, but few studies have assessed the effects of moderate PEE throughout adolescence. The mechanisms underlying this facilitatory effect remain largely unknown. In
Annika Clarner et al.
International archives of occupational and environmental health, 88(5), 549-564 (2014-10-01)
Drivers in public transportation are at risk of experiencing potential traumatic events such as accidents involving persons, collisions, or suicides. In this context, the question arises to what extent psychological traumatization and posttraumatic diseases occur. The aim of this systematic
Laura Judith Marcos-Zambrano et al.
Frontiers in microbiology, 12, 634511-634511 (2021-03-20)
The number of microbiome-related studies has notably increased the availability of data on human microbiome composition and function. These studies provide the essential material to deeply explore host-microbiome associations and their relation to the development and progression of various complex
Jacobo López-Seijas et al.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 9(1) (2020-01-23)
The biodiversity of lactic acid bacteria in musts and wines of Albariño variety has been studied. The identification of species was addressed through a combination of biochemical and genetic methods (API® 50 CHL test, 16S rDNA and recA gene sequences
Yan Wang et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology (2018-07-29)
Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by Aspergillus and Penicillium species that widely contaminate food and feed. We sequenced and assembled the complete ∼37 Mb genome of A. ochraceus fc-1, a well-known producer of OTA. Key genes
Piera Torricelli et al.
Amino acids, 52(3), 445-451 (2020-02-09)
Weight loss in patients with cancer is caused by cancer cachexia and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Recent developments in antiemetic drugs have substantially improved nausea and vomiting, but this intervention did not reduce weight loss and other more severe side
Setyowati T Utami et al.
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 84(7), 1373-1383 (2020-03-13)
is a thermally dimorphic fungus that causes penicilliosis, and become the third-most-common opportunistic fungal infection in immunocompromised patients in Southeast Asia. Azoles and amphotericin B have been introduced for the treatment, however, it is important to investigate possible mechanisms of
Mónica Palomino-Vasco et al.
Food chemistry, 344, 128721-128721 (2020-12-05)
Wine samples collected during the winemaking process have been analyzed employing a previously optimized UHPLC-FD method, determining their biogenic amines and amino acids profile. The results obtained have been submitted to a statistical analysis from which it was extracted that
Tanja Bogdanović et al.
Food additives & contaminants. Part A, Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment, 37(5), 815-830 (2020-02-23)
This study aimed to investigate the presence of eight biogenic amines (BAs): tryptamine (TRP), phenylethylamine (PHE), putrescine (PUT), cadaverine (CAD), histamine (HIS), tyramine (TYR), spermidine (SPD) and spermine (SPM) in cheese, fish & fishery products and meat & meat products
V Seeman et al.
Scientific reports, 10(1), 15852-15852 (2020-09-29)
A single radiation-induced superoxide ion [Formula: see text] has been observed for the first time in metal oxides. This structural defect has been revealed in fast-neutron-irradiated (6.9×1018 n/cm2) corundum (α-Al2O3) single crystals using the EPR method. Based on the angular
Zuzana Bubelová et al.
Journal of environmental science and health. Part. B, Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes, 50(11), 797-808 (2015-09-12)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the combined effect of temperature (10, 20 and 37°C), pH (4, 5, 6, 7 and 8), and NaCl content (0, 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6% w/v) on the growth and putrescine
Lihui Du et al.
Journal of food protection, 80(12), 2099-2104 (2017-11-23)
The microbiological and chemical changes in Taihu white prawn (Exopalaemon modestus) during ice storage were evaluated. For the microbiological changes, total viable counts were obtained. PCR coupled with denatured gradient gel electrophoresis was then performed to investigate the changes in
Sujatha Kandasamy et al.
Metabolites, 11(1) (2021-01-08)
To evaluate the safety and risk assessment of cheese consumption in the Republic of Korea, sixty cheese samples purchased from the farmstead and retails markets (imported) were analyzed for their biogenic amine (BA) contents. The BA profiles and quantities of
Guido Pelletti et al.
Forensic science international, 297, 221-227 (2019-03-05)
Among the several techniques proposed for the estimation of the Post Mortem Interval (PMI), the analysis of odorous amines has been applied in the past, with conflicting results. The aims of this study are: (i) to develop and validate a
Jhonny C Massante et al.
Scientific reports, 9(1), 6443-6443 (2019-04-25)
Although many studies have shown that species richness decreases from low to high latitudes (the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient), little is known about the relationship between latitude and phylogenetic diversity. Here we examine global latitudinal patterns of phylogenetic diversity using a
Suset Barroso-Solares et al.
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 11(12) (2018-11-30)
Superhydrophobic and oleophilic polyurethane foams were obtained by spray-coating their surfaces with solutions of thermoplastic polyurethane and hydrophobic silicon oxide nanoparticles. The developed functionalized foams were exploited as reusable oil absorbents from stable water-in-oil emulsions. These foams were able to
P S Keller et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 2126-2126 (2020-05-03)
Many inland waters exhibit complete or partial desiccation, or have vanished due to global change, exposing sediments to the atmosphere. Yet, data on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from these sediments are too scarce to upscale emissions for global estimates or
Judit Tajti et al.
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 148, 546-554 (2017-11-12)
In several cases a correlation was found between polyamines and abiotic stress tolerance. However, the individual polyamines may have different effects, which also vary depending on the type of treatment. When applied as seed soaking or added hydroponically 0.5mM putrescine
Jin-Kui Ma et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international, 27(35), 44452-44459 (2020-08-10)
Biogenic amines (BAs) are natural toxicants produced during the metabolism of their precursor amino acids or due to the proteolytic activities of some microorganisms. The objective of this study was to estimate the formed BAs in five types of the
Zhanru Yu et al.
Talanta, 199, 184-188 (2019-04-07)
Polyamines are a class of poly-cationic aliphatic amines, playing a role in different cellular processes such as maintaining intracellular pH and membrane potential that are relevant for general cellular physiology and ageing. The development of analytical methods for detection and
Kristel Panksep et al.
Toxins, 12(4) (2020-04-01)
Global warming, paired with eutrophication processes, is shifting phytoplankton communities towards the dominance of bloom-forming and potentially toxic cyanobacteria. The ecosystems of shallow lakes are especially vulnerable to these changes. Traditional monitoring via microscopy is not able to quantify the
Magda Pál et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 340, 272-280 (2017-07-18)
Although the metabolism of phytochelatins and higher polyamines are linked with each other, the direct relationship between them under heavy metal stress has not yet been clarified. Two approaches were used to reveal the influence of polyamine content on cadmium
Vivek K Bajpai et al.
Chemosphere, 243, 125404-125404 (2020-01-31)
Scombroid poisoning in fish-based and other food products has raised concerns due to toxicity outbreaks and incidences associated with histamine, thus measuring the amount of histamine toxic molecule is considered crucial quality indicator of food safety and human health. In
Xinna Wang et al.
Biomedical chromatography : BMC, 32(6), e4211-e4211 (2018-02-16)
We describe a simple, rapid, selective and sensitive HPLC method coupled with fluorescence detection for simultaneous determination of 10 kinds of biogenic amines (BAs: tryptamine, 2-phenethylamine, putrescine, cadaverine, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, tyramine, spermidine, dopamine and spermine). BAs and IS were derivated
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