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Rumiana Koynova et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 6(3), 951-958 (2009-04-04)
Synthetic cationic lipids are widely used components of nonviral gene carriers, and the factors regulating their transfection efficiency are the subject of considerable interest. In view of the important role that electrostatic interactions with the polyanionic nucleic acids play in...
Rumiana Koynova et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. B, 111(27), 7786-7795 (2007-06-19)
Some mixtures of two cationic lipids including phospholipid compounds (O-ethylphosphatidylcholines) as well as common, commercially available cationic lipids, such as dimethylammonium bromides and trimethylammonium propanes, deliver therapeutic DNA considerably more efficiently than do the separate molecules. In an effort to...
Rumiana Koynova et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1768(2), 375-386 (2006-12-13)
Lipoplexes containing a mixture of cationic phospholipids dioleoylethylphosphatidylcholine (EDOPC) and dilauroylethylphosphatidylcholine (EDLPC) are known to be far more efficient agents in transfection of cultured primary endothelial cells than are lipoplexes containing either lipid alone. The large magnitude of the synergy...
Boris G Tenchov et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1778(10), 2405-2412 (2008-08-30)
Synthetic cationic lipids can be used as DNA carriers and are regarded to be the most promising non-viral gene carriers. For this investigation, six novel phosphatidylcholine (PC) cationic derivatives with various hydrophobic moieties were synthesized and their transfection efficiencies for...
Analysis of lipoplex structure and lipid phase changes
Liposomes, 399-423 (2010)
Li Wang et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 4(4), 615-623 (2007-04-06)
To date, the primary approach to improving the transfection properties of cationic lipids has been the synthesis of new kinds of cationic amphipaths. Recently, however, it was found that combining two cationic lipid derivatives having the same head group but...
Boris Tenchov et al.
Chemistry and physics of lipids, 208, 65-74 (2017-10-07)
The non-lamellar phases formed by membrane lipids in diluted aqueous dispersions are mainly represented by the inverted hexagonal phase, HII, and phases of cubic symmetry, among them the bicontinuous cubic phases Pn3m (Q224), Im3m (Q229) and Ia3d (Q230). Here we...
L Wang et al.
Gene therapy, 11(17), 1358-1362 (2004-06-25)
To date, the primary approach to improve the transfection properties of cationic lipids has been the synthesis of new kinds of cationic amphipaths or the inclusion of noncationic helper lipids. Here, it is reported that an alternative approach can be...