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Liberase™ TL Research Grade Protocol & Troubleshooting
Liberase™ TL Research Grade Protocol & Troubleshooting
Protease Inhibition Using Protease Inhibitor Mix
Protease Inhibitor Mix from Cytiva inhibits serine, cysteine, metalloproteases, and calpain proteases and is suitable for animal and plant tissues, yeast, and bacteria.
Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction for Western Blotting
Learn the Sample Preparation method of Western Blotting for Cell Lysis and efficient protein extraction from cultured tissues and cells.
Handling Inclusion Bodies in Recombinant Protein Expression
How to isolate proteins from inclusion bodies using Cytiva products.
Liberase™ TH Research Grade Protocol & Troubleshooting
Your current tissue dissociation protocol, and the extent to which you have been successful with traditional collagenase are good guides for selecting the appropriate Liberase Enzyme Blend. Select the Liberase Enzyme Blend most similar to your tissue dissociation application, or
Cell Disruption and Membrane Preparation
This page shows how to perform a cell disruption und prepare membranes with products from Cytiva.