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Toshihiro Fujita et al.
Nihon Shokakibyo Gakkai zasshi = The Japanese journal of gastro-enterology, 111(12), 2311-2318 (2014-12-09)
An 89-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for thorough investigation of refractory diabetes mellitus, which revealed primary squamous cell carcinoma of the duodenum. After two courses of chemotherapy, follow-up esophagoduodenogastroscopy and duodenal biopsy showed no evidence of tumor. No...
Mark A Baker et al.
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, (94)(94), doi:10-doi:10 (2015-01-16)
Spermatozoa are quite unique amongst cell types. Although produced in the testis, both nuclear gene transcription and translation are switched off once the pre-cursor round cell begins to elongate and differentiate into what is morphologically recognized as a spermatozoon. However...
Stefan Schulz-Drost et al.
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, (95)(95), e52124-e52124 (2015-01-16)
Different ways to stabilize a sternal fracture are described in literature. Respecting different mechanisms of trauma such as the direct impact to the anterior chest wall or the flexion-compression injury of the trunk, there is a need to retain each...
Klas Gustafson et al.
Acta orthopaedica, 85(4), 348-354 (2014-06-17)
Metal-on-metal (MOM) total hip arthroplasties were reintroduced because of the problems with osteolysis and aseptic loosening related to polyethylene wear of early metal-on-polyethylene (MOP) arthroplasties. The volumetric wear rate has been greatly reduced with MOM arthroplasties; however, because of nano-size...
Goldie Songra et al.
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics, 145(5), 569-578 (2014-05-03)
The aim of this study was to compare the time to initial alignment and extraction space closure using conventional brackets and active and passive self-ligating brackets. One hundred adolescent patients 11 to 18 years of age undergoing maxillary and mandibular...
Estefany I Medina-Reyes et al.
Environmental research, 136, 424-434 (2014-12-03)
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) studies have been performed using relatively high NPs concentration under acute exposure and limited studies have compared shape effects. We hypothesized that midterm exposure to low TiO2 NPs concentration in lung epithelial cells induces carcinogenic...
Xilong Wang et al.
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 194, 31-37 (2014-08-05)
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) may alter the sorption of hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOC) to metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs), but the role of DOM and NP types is poorly understood. Here, phenanthrene sorption was quantified on four types of nano-TiO2 (three...
Katarzyna Gurzawska et al.
Journal of biomedical nanotechnology, 8(6), 1012-1024 (2012-10-04)
Long-term stability of titanium implants are dependent on a variety of factors. Nanocoating with organic molecules is one of the method used to improve osseointegration. Nanoscale modification of titanium implants affects surface properties, such as hydrophilicity, biochemical bonding capacity and...
B Fink et al.
The bone & joint journal, 96-B(7), 889-895 (2014-07-06)
We report our experience of revision total hip replacement (THR) using the Revitan curved modular titanium fluted revision stem in patients with a full spectrum of proximal femoral defects. A total of 112 patients (116 revisions) with a mean age...
Pooja Garg et al.
The Journal of oral implantology, 40(6), 649-654 (2014-12-17)
Desired retrievability of cemented implant-supported fixed prosthesis makes the retentive strength of cementing agents an important consideration. The aim of the study was to evaluate the retentiveness of purposely designed implant cement and compare its retentiveness with dental cements that...
Xueting Wang et al.
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 195, 31-38 (2014-09-10)
The cotransport of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and nanoscaled titanium dioxide (nano-TiO2) in porous media were investigated in 1 and 10 mM NaCl at both pH 5 and 7. Nano-TiO2 decreased MWCNTs transport under all conditions. The increased MWCNTs deposition at...
M Savabieasfahani et al.
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 187(1), 4127-4127 (2014-12-03)
Anthropogenic release of pollutants into the environment is especially harmful to growing fetuses and young children. These populations are at an increased risk of damage because exposure to pollutants during critical periods of development can cause many impairments. Children's exposure...
Mingjie Liu et al.
Nature, 517(7532), 68-72 (2015-01-06)
Machine technology frequently puts magnetic or electrostatic repulsive forces to practical use, as in maglev trains, vehicle suspensions or non-contact bearings. In contrast, materials design overwhelmingly focuses on attractive interactions, such as in the many advanced polymer-based composites, where inorganic...
Lars L Hermansen et al.
Acta orthopaedica, 86(1), 127-133 (2014-09-02)
The anti-osteoporotic drug raloxifene reduces the risk of vertebral fractures by increasing bone mass density. We investigated whether raloxifene offers any benefits in augmenting early fixation of orthopedic implants in the setting of impaction bone grafting. 24 non-weight-bearing grafted gap...
Gracia Márquez et al.
Chemosphere, 113, 71-78 (2014-07-30)
Aqueous solutions of mixtures of four pharmaceutical compounds (atenolol, hydrochlorothiazide, ofloxacin and trimethoprim) both in Milli-Q ultrapure water and in a secondary effluent from a municipal wastewater treatment plant have been treated at pH 7 by different oxidation methods, such...
David B Warheit
Toxicology letters, 220(2), 193-204 (2013-04-23)
Due to its multifunctional applications, titanium dioxide particles have widespread use in commerce. The particle-types function as sources of pigment color, in food products, anti-bacterial components, ultraviolet radiation scavengers, catalysts, as well as in cosmetics. Because of its inherent properties...
Dieter C Wirtz et al.
Acta orthopaedica, 85(6), 562-569 (2014-09-02)
Due to the relative lack of reports on the medium- to long-term clinical and radiographic results of modular femoral cementless revision, we conducted this study to evaluate the medium- to long-term results of uncemented femoral stem revisions using the modular...
R Nivea et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 14(6), 4383-4386 (2014-04-18)
The removal of dye from industrial effluents is prime important, photo-catalysis is a finest method to combat dye from effluents. This study concerns about the investigation of photocatalytic activity of TiO2-HPAs (Hetropolyacids) nanocomposite namely TiO2-Phosphomolybdic nanocomposite [TiO2-HMA] and TiO2-Phosphotungstic nanocomposite...
Sepideh Minagar et al.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A, 101(9), 2726-2739 (2013-02-26)
Titanium and titanium alloy implants that have been demonstrated to be more biocompatible than other metallic implant materials, such as Co-Cr alloys and stainless steels, must also be accepted by bone cells, bonding with and growing on them to prevent...
Endodontic canal preparation: innovations in glide path management and shaping canals.
Clifford J Ruddle et al.
Dentistry today, 33(7), 118-123 (2014-08-15)
Liming Wang et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 14(6), 4224-4228 (2014-04-18)
Tetragonal Barium titanate (BaTiO3) nanotube arrays have been prepared using the template-assisted hydrothermal method combined with an annealing process. The in-situ chemical conversion of TiO2 nanotube array templates ensured that BaTiO3 maintained the morphology of the nanotube architectures. Moreover, X-ray...
Renée C Pompei-Reynolds et al.
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics, 146(2), 215-226 (2014-08-03)
The manufacturing process for copper-nickel-titanium archwires is technique sensitive. The primary aim of this investigation was to examine the interlot consistency of the mechanical properties of copper-nickel-titanium wires from 2 manufacturers. Wires of 2 sizes (0.016 and 0.016 × 0.022...
J Rashid et al.
Environmental technology, 35(17-20), 2153-2159 (2014-08-26)
InVO4/TiO2 composite was synthesized via amalgamation of InVO4 with TiO2 (Degussa P-25) powders. Application of the produced composite was evaluated as a catalyst for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol (2-CP) in synthetic wastewater solutions. The catalyst was characterized by X-ray...
Hongbo Shi et al.
Particle and fibre toxicology, 10, 15-15 (2013-04-17)
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles (NPs) are manufactured worldwide in large quantities for use in a wide range of applications. TiO2 NPs possess different physicochemical properties compared to their fine particle (FP) analogs, which might alter their bioactivity. Most of the...
Alejandra Navarro-Palacios et al.
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics, 146(1), 92-97 (2014-07-01)
Orthodontic tooth movement implies application of forces that generate an inflammatory process. The myeloperoxidase (MPO) enzyme is found inside neutrophil granules. MPO activity indirectly reflects the level of inflammation. The aim of this study was to measure MPO activity in...
Peter Komlosi et al.
Journal of neurosurgery. Spine, 22(1), 34-38 (2014-11-08)
Monoenergetic imaging with dual-energy CT has been proposed to reduce metallic artifacts in comparison with conventional polychromatic CT. The purpose of this study is to systematically evaluate and define the optimal dual-energy CT imaging parameters for specific cervical spinal implant...
Zhensen Tang et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 14(2), 1494-1507 (2014-04-23)
Resistive switching (RS) phenomena have been vigorously investigated in a large variety of materials and highlighted for its preeminent potential for the future nonvolatile semiconductor memory applications or reconfigurable logic circuits. Among the various resistive switching materials, the binary metal...
Deniss Klauson et al.
Environmental technology, 35(17-20), 2237-2243 (2014-08-26)
Photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen and oxygen production requires sacrificial electron donors, for example, organic compounds. Titanium dioxide catalysts doped with platinum, cobalt, tungsten, copper and iron were experimentally tested for the production of hydrogen, oxygen and low molecular weight...
Fei Xiao et al.
Experimental cell research, 330(1), 91-101 (2014-07-13)
Wear particle-induced osteolysis and subsequent aseptic loosening remains the most common complication that limits the longevity of prostheses. Wear particle-induced osteoclastogenesis is known to be responsible for extensive bone erosion that leads to prosthesis failure. Thus, inhibition of osteoclastic bone...
Terje Sjöström et al.
Nanomedicine (London, England), 8(1), 89-104 (2012-12-22)
Titanium (Ti) is used as a load-bearing material in the production of orthopedic devices. The clinical efficacy of these implants could be greatly enhanced by the addition of nanofeatures that would improve the bioactivity of the implants, in order to...


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