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小分子库设计(Aldrich Market Select)

Aldrich Market Select小分子库设计在线订购中心网罗了全球逾1400万种化学品供您检索,拉近您与科研突破的距离。从分子筛选应用中的类药性试验化合物到化学合成砌块一应俱全。

小分子筛选库相关的化合物搜索、采购、定型、订单管理和发货是一项劳神费力的耗时工作。通过我们卓越的专业知识以及可靠的Aldrich Market Select产品和服务,简化您的流程以便让您能够专注于药物发现。


Aldrich Market Select现可提供:

  • 逾1400万种产品,既有我们自主开发的产品,又有自80多家可靠供应商采购的产品
  • 自助服务数据库门户网站,供快速访问我们包含800万以上独有化学结构的数据库
  • 灵活的化合物库,从小型试剂盒到成千上万的单一化合物均涵盖在内
  • 根据您的要求提供定制规格
  • 全面的国际合规文件和运输物流管理,避免延迟和额外费用
  • 化合物库信息学,包含完整的结构数据集,如plate/box map(平板布局图)







Upload a structure or product list for exact, substructure, or similarity searches on

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        • o Barcoding and custom labeling
      • Clarify any additional requirements (delivery deadlines, etc.) and submit

      A quote is provided within 72 hours for most inquiries. For more complex projects, we will notify you if more time is required for the quote.

        • Consultation with one of our specialists to meet your budget and delivery requirements
        • Adjustments to list of quotable items, weight, or quantity of requested compounds
        • Finalized quote provided
          Order & Shipment
          • Finish order by providing a purchase order or credit card
          • Shipments to single or multiple locations scheduled according to project needs (as soon as available or consolidated)
          • Management of shipment tracking, customs clearance, and Importer of Record responsibilities 
          • Guaranteed compliance with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
          • Electronic data file in SDF and XLS formats is provided with every shipment