N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸 Sigma Grade, ≥99% (TLC), powder

N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸 - CAS 616-91-1 - Calbiochem

N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸 Sigma Grade, ≥99% (TLC), powder
LNAC, NAC, N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸 - CAS 616-91-1 - Calbiochem
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Product Description
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, Sigma Grade, ≥99% (TLC), powder
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, suitable for cell culture, BioReagent
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard; Certified Reference Material
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, BioXtra, ≥99% (TLC)
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸, for biochemistry
N-乙酰基-L-半胱氨酸 - CAS 616-91-1 - Calbiochem, Mucolytic agent and thiol-based antioxidant that has a protective effect against oxygen free radicals in early septic shock.