[P3Se4](+): A Binary Phosphorus-Selenium Cation.

Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) (2015-05-12)
Kai-Oliver Feldmann, Thomas Wiegand, Jinjun Ren, Hellmut Eckert, Joachim Breternitz, Matthias F Groh, Ulrike Müller, Michael Ruck, Boris Maryasin, Christian Ochsenfeld, Oliver Schön, Konstantin Karaghiosoff, Jan J Weigand

Although a fairly large number of binary group 15/16 element cations have been reported, no example involving phosphorus in combination with a group 16 element has been synthesized and characterized to date. In this contribution is reported the synthesis and structural characterization of the first example of such a cation, namely a nortricyclane-type [P3Se4](+). This cation has been independently discovered by three groups through three different synthetic routes, as described herein. The molecular and electronic structure of the [P3Se4](+) cage and its crystal properties in the solid state have been characterized comprehensively by using X-ray diffraction, Raman, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies, as well as quantum chemical calculations.

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硒, powder, −100 mesh, 99.99% trace metals basis
硒, powder, −100 mesh, ≥99.5% trace metals basis
氮气, ≥99.998%
硒, pellets, <5 mm particle size, ≥99.999% trace metals basis
硒, pellets, <5 mm, ≥99.99% trace metals basis
硒, foil, 25x25mm, thickness 3mm, 99.95%
硒, pellets, < 5mm, ≥99.999%