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We envision a world where our innovative digital solutions, paired with our best-in-class products and services, drive scientific progress. The time for digitalization is now, and our growing portfolio can help you unlock new capabilities through digital services and software. To realize the future of the Life Science industry, our portfolio follows four guiding stars: 

  • Advanced Lab Informatics
  • Integrated Drug Discovery
  • Automated Quality and Regulatory
  • Digital Bioprocessing


Integrated Drug Descovery
Integrated Drug Discovery

Augment your research capabilities with AI and accelerate the time to new therapeutics

AIDDISON™ AI-Powered Drug Discovery

SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software

Automated Quality and Regulatory
Automated Quality and Regulatory

Implement robust quality processes to facilitate completing audits and fulfilling regulatory requirements

Chemistwin® Digital Reference Materials

Emprove® Suite

M-Trace™ Electronic Test Record Software

Val@M™ Application for Validation Activities

Digital Bioprocessing
Digital Bioprocessing

Advance your bioprocess with integrated data analytics, automation and control software

Automation and Control Software

Data Analytics Software

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    From Siri to facial recognition, AI and machine learning are becoming familiar features of everyday life. But they could also save lives, by helping find new and better treatments for disease, faster.

  • Bioprocessing 4.0, Making New Medicines for Patients Faster

    Before any new medicine can reach patients, it needs to be manufactured at commercial, large-scale. Bioprocessing 4.0 will ultimately expand access to affordable, life-changing biologics for patients worldwide.

  • DOZN™ Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

    Quantify the greenness of any product or process using the DOZN™ green chemistry tool, which uses the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to evaluate chemicals, synthetic routes, and chemical processes.

AIDDISON Software Image
AIDDISON™ AI-Powered Drug Discovery

AIDDISON™ drug discovery software supports in exploring chemical space, using de-novo molecular design, similarity, pharmacophore, and shape-based searches and molecular docking for effective drug candidate screening.

Belysa™ Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software
Belysa® Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software

Effortlessly compare calibration curves and monitor immunoassay methods by downloading our Belysa® Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software that works for assays run on Luminex® and SMC™ platforms.

Automated control and monitoring of remote unit operations with advanced control software
Bioprocessing Automation and Control Software

Our automation and control software platforms help reduce manual tasks and risks of errors, thereby increasing process reproducibility, product quality, and optimizing uptime.

Data Visualization and Analytics Software for Biotech
Bioprocessing Data Analytics Software

Our data management, visualization, and analytics software helps biotech companies to collect, aggregate, and analyze data, ultimately improving product quality and optimizing processes.

ChemisTwin® robot holding a beaker

Designed to save your precious time and lab space, ChemisTwin® allows easy and accurate automated interpretation of NMR spectra supported by a comprehensive database of digital Reference Materials (dRMs).

DOZN™ Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator
DOZN™ Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

Quantify the greenness of any product or process using the DOZN™ green chemistry tool, which uses the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to evaluate chemicals, synthetic routes, and chemical processes.

Emprove® Suite
Emprove® Suite – Convenient Access to Technical, Regulatory and Supply Information for Risk Management

The new Emprove® Suite: Speed through complexity with confidence.

The Emprove® Suite supports your risk assessment journey. This  Information-as-a-Service digital platform is your co-pilot to support your need for convenient access to reliable information – anywhere, anytime.

Millicell® Cloud Services
Millicell® Cloud Services

The Millicell® Cloud service provides a powerful tool for data hosting, organization, and analysis. Images are automatically transferred from the instrument to the cloud via Wi-Fi®. Data can then be sorted, viewed, and re-analyzed using the Millicell® Cloud, web-based application.

MQuant® StripScan App
MQuant® StripScan - Don’t Guess, Measure!

MQuant® StripScan is a free application that scans and displays reliable and consistent results of MQuant® test strips measuring parameters like pH, ascorbic acid, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, peracetic acid, peroxide, sulfate, sulfite, and total hardness, in just seconds on your mobile phone.

Confirm by voice control all your Sterility testing steps
M-Trace™ Electronic Test Record Software

M-Trace™ electronic test record software is an efficient and reliable solution to digitalize your Sterility Testing and QC testing data in full regulatory compliance. M-Trace™ software boosts your lab’s productivity by digitizing data recording and review processes, eliminating paper-based documentation, and reducing handling errors.

MyMilli-Q™ Digital Services
MyMilli-Q™ Digital Services

Save time with our online service solutions. Log in to find contract information, plan service visits, prepare audits, contact technical support, and more.

Synthia™  Retrosynthesis Software
Synthia™ Retrosynthesis Software

SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software draws from a vast database of organic synthesis rules and algorithms to efficiently search for viable pathways to target molecules and accelerate drug discovery.

Val@M™Application for Validation Activities
Val@M™ Application for Validation Activities

This Val@M™ application provides technology to help fulfill the requirement to keep electronic records of your validation activities around our QC platforms for microbial contamination testing.

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