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Proficiency Testing Schedule
Study schedule dates (through 2016) for proficiency testing samples from RTC. Environmental LPTP portfolio includes samples for Drinking Water, Waste Water, Soil/Solids and Air studies.
Proficiency Testing Standards
Proficiency testing or interlaboratory comparison testing is a tool for quality assessment and quality control for laboratories. Our Supelco® PT and test components offer key performance data to monitor and prove the competency to customers, regulatory bodies, or both.
Proficiency Testing: Ensuring Accurate Laboratory Results
To enable your laboratory to show its testing competence, we offer on-demand as well as scheduled proficiency testing schemes. These schemes provide you a certified and independent evaluation of your laboratory's performance on specific instrumentation.
Proficiency Testing: Critical Tools for Accurate Laboratory Results
Laboratories are required to demonstrate compliance with guidelines by internal quality assurance and external authorities as well as ISO/ IEC 17025 testing requirements.
Sample Preparation for Chromatography
Sample Preparation for Chromatography
BioSPME: A Novel Sample Preparation of Clinically Relevant Analytes
A new technology, BioSPME (Bioanalytical Solid Phase MicroExtraction), has been developed to provide a high throughput automatable cleaner sample in a fraction of time compared to ED.
Papo com Ciência 4: o futuro sustentável dos negócios
Papo com Ciência 4: o futuro sustentável dos negócios
Ethyl Acetate
We offer a variety of ethyl acetate products suitable for applications including GC, HPLC, UHPLC, and LC-MS. We also supply multiple options for anhydrous ethyl acetate and ACS grade ethyl acetate.
Modification of the WTA2 Amplification Product for Next Generation Sequencing
Transplex Whole Transcriptome Amplification (WTA2) exponentially amplifies RNA producing a double-stranded cDNA library while precisely maintaining differential levels of individual transcripts in test and reference samples.
Meike Ramon
Meike Ramon is a cognitive neuroscientist and neuropsychologist whose work focuses on face processing and includes both fundamental and applied research. She tells us why she’s so passionate about her work and how she’s aiming to transform the role of