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Savings to Make You Smile

Scientific laboratories have been extremely successful at continuing their vital research during these challenging times. As laboratories open further, it is essential that this research can be carried out without any delays. Merck want to ensure that you can generate results as efficiently as possible, without compromising quality.

RNAspin Mini-Isolation Kit
Save 33% on Amersham™ RNAspin Mini
Isolation Kit, 250

Designed for rapid extraction of high-quality RNA
from a wide range of sample types.
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Expires: 31st December 2022
Product Expiry Date: May 2023

Time Savings Genomics
  • One step genomic DNA purification
  • One transfection reagent for plasmid, siRNA and RNP CRISPR
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Nucleic acid preparation with fewer impurities in a single spin.
One Transfection reagent for Plasmid, siRNA and RNP CRISPR.