Other Sera for Cell Culture

Image shows an array of Fetal Bovine Serum bottles, showcasing various sizes and labeled for biological research applications, commonly utilized in cell culture to nourish and support the growth of eukaryotic cells.

Serum is an important cell culture media supplement due to its mix of growth factors, hormones, attachment factors, buffering agents, and trace nutritional elements. Although fetal bovine serum (FBS) is the most common serum used to enrich culture media, many other animal sera can be used to supplement media in species-specific and other cell culture applications. Species-specific animal serum products can provide an environment that closely mimics the native state of the cells, promoting healthy cell growth. We provide other sera products such as:

Newborn and Adult Bovine Serum

Newborn calf serum can present a cost-effective alternative to FBS in media for many culture applications, and where a low antibody titer will not impact cells. Adult bovine serum may similarly be used as a basal media supplement to promote growth and proliferation. Choose from

  • Iron-supplemented serum from formula-fed calves
  • Calf serum of USA or New Zealand origin
  • Adult bovine serum (ABS) of USA origin

Serum from Other Animal Species

Beyond bovine serum, sera from other species may also be used as more cost-effective alternatives for supplementation of basal cell culture media, or for other applications. Equine (horse) and porcine (pig) sera, for example, have been used in the production of vaccines for both human and animal use.

We offer sera from diverse species that include:

  • Chicken
  • Porcine (pig)
  • Caprine (goat)
  • Equine (horse)
  • Ovine (sheep)
  • Rabbit

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