Mouse Embryo Media

Mouse whole embryo culture is an important method employed in mammalian developmental biology and birth defects research. This technique enables longitudinal studies of explanted rodent embryos at the organogenesis stage. An essential technique for creating transgenic mice uses the transformation and injection of stably transfected mouse embryonic stem cells (ES) into mouse blastocysts. To optimize embryo collection, manipulation, and transfer techniques, we offer a complete selection of mouse embryo media and reagents.

Hepes-based media for embryo handling and manipulation

  • M2 media is often used for embryo collection, and for extended handling outside the culture incubator
  • FHM is a modification of the KSOM formulation, also used for manipulating embryos outside CO2 incubation environments

Bicarbonate-based media for the culture and development of embryos

  • Modified M16 media: traditional embryo culture media based on Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer
  • KSOM media allows embryos to overcome the two-cell block and supports enhanced cell division.  Our proprietary formulation provides higher yields of blastocyst development

All media are tested in mouse embryo culture and manufactured using premium quality raw materials.

EmbryoMax® Advanced KSOM Medium

EmbryoMax® Advanced KSOM Medium is an all-in-one medium for the harvest and culture of mouse embryos, replacing the traditional two-step system where unique, separate formulations are required for embryo harvest and culture. Our advanced KSOM formulation enables both handling of embryos in atmospheric conditions and culturing in a CO2-controlled incubator - with a single medium.

Six stages of embryo development

Figure 1.Six stages of embryo development

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