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Custom Pre-GMP Cell Culture Products

Technicians preparing custom media at one of our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® centers

Our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® service for pre-GMP, small scale custom media, feeds, supplements, and buffers provides the quick turn-around you need to complete your development work quicker – and accelerate your molecule to clinic sooner. When every experiment you perform takes time in the race to commercialization, our quality liquid and dry powder products ensure that the data you generate can be trusted the first time.  

Key program features include:

  • Qualified, same-source raw materials as our large-scale GMP facilities, with the added option of unique, non-qualified raw materials for your experiments
  • Scalable systems that ensure reproducible product quality and performance
  • Master formulation management, batch management, and controlled process procedures by our trained team
  • Product documentation that includes certificates of analysis and safety data sheets for all products 

Liquid Cell Culture Media, Feeds, Buffer Solutions, and Concentrates

Available in batch sizes of 1–200 L for a wide range of development needs, imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® liquid products feature the same formulation, mixing, solubility, and filtration attributes as our large-scale GMP products. A Certificate of Analysis is included to document product appearance, pH, osmolality, solubility, conductivity (for buffers) and contamination clearance. All products arrive in sterilized PET bottles (100–2,000 mL) with tamper-evident seals or sterilized bags (1–20 L) featuring standard connections. Using these types of standard packaging ensures quick delivery and product integrity.

Dry Powder Cell Culture Media and Feeds

Available in batch sizes of 0.5–20 kg for a wide range of development needs, imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® pre-GMP dry powder products deliver the consistency you need. Milling and blending controls are the same as those for our large-scale GMP products to ensure reproducible product quality and performance, while particle size, flowability, and bulk density attributes are carefully controlled to prevent caking or clumping.

Compacted cell culture media, like the custom EZMix™ product line, delivers equivalent performance to dry powder media and offers important advantages for intensified upstream processes. Compacted media is easy to hydrate, requires less packaging volume, and has enhanced flowability, resulting in significant savings, reduced footprint, and increased upstream flexibility.

Products arrive ready to use, complete with hydration instructions developed either in-house or with your input. Based on your desired product quantity, packaging options include standardized bottles with tamper-evident seal, or protective buckets with two liners, desiccant pouch, and tamper-evident seal.

Our ability to partner with you in support of your bioprocess development activities is based on more than 40 years of cell culture media formulation and manufacturing expertise. To discuss your needs and receive a quote, contact us today. 

Site-to-Site Comparability

To support global process developers, all our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® centers operate to the same standards and are strategically located to provide expedited access to the small-volume, custom cell culture products you need.

  • Lenexa, Kansas USA
  • St. Louis, Missouri USA
  • Nantong, China
  • Songdo, South Korea
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