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DiluCult™ Gravimetric Dilutor & Sample Homogenizer Product Range

Accurate Microbiology Results are Highly Reliant Upon the Quality of Your Food Sample Preparation

Automated Food Sample Dilution

Streamline your sample enrichment with our DiluCult™ gravimetric dilutors. These automated gravimetric dilutor instruments have two integrated pumps and are designed to facilitate work in a microbiological safety cabinet. They are low in height and have a removable drip tray. They operate with three modes of dispensing: a fast flow with lower accuracy, a standard flow with standard accuracy, and a slow flow for maximum accuracy. Our DiluCult™ and DiluCult™ 2 instruments can be extremely easily calibrated with a certified weight. Choose your specific dilution factor on the user interface or switch to a dispensing mode for other applications.

The DiluCult™ dilutor is a simple and flexible instrument for precise dilution that can be tailored to your needs. The authorized weight for this instrument is up to 3 kg.

The DiluCult™ 2 instrument has a robotic dispensing arm for higher safety and can be used for dilution of large pooling samples of up to 5 kg.


  • Automate repetitive workflow steps
  • Reduce hands-on time and error rates
  • DiluCult™ 2 instrument accessories are ideal for pooling samples
  • Add an additional pump for faster media dispensing
DiluCult™ gravimetric dilutors

Blender for Food Sample Homogenization

For efficient solid food sample preparation, try our enrichment sample homogenizer (ESH) with security dip tray. With 2 removable and autoclavable massaging paddles, the ESH can be cleaned extremely easily. The ESH instrument has a multi-function digital display which serves as the control panel, where variable speed and time can be set. The maximum volume for this instrument is 400 mL. The gap between the window door and the paddles can be adjusted manually to better accommodate your specific sample types.


  • Quick homogenization of large samples
  • Accurate: adjustable speed, time and blending strength
  • Easy to use: simple cleaning procedures and user-friendly interface

We can support you throughout your entire QC workflow, from sample preparation to microbiological analysis.

Enrichment sample homogenizer (ESH)
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