Cell Marque™ Control Slides

IHC staining micrograph from a Cell Marque™ control slide

Cell Marque™ IHC control slides

Our IHC positive control slides are developed by in-house technicians to complement our antibody offering and ensure the consistency and reliability needed to support histopathology work.  

Our positive control slides are made for testing the specificity and avidity of the antibody in immunohistochemical (IHC) staining. We offer the controls as paraffin embedded tissue sections with known antigen presence, mounted on microscope slides and designed to monitor staining in clinical laboratories. 

HistoCyte Laboratories cell line control slides

We offer a comprehensive range of HistoCyte Laboratories histopathology cell line control slides and blocks, made from cultured human cell lines to provide the required range of expression of a specific biomarker. These cell lines are compact and typically "tissue-like."  They are processed using proprietary methods that allow the creation of high-density embedded cell blocks with cores that retain their cellular morphology. Our HistoCyte control cell lines are compact and available as pre-cut unstained slides or cell microarray blocks for sectioning.

HistoCyte Laboratories control slides are ideal for use as a same slide control for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH). We provide standardized and developed control slides for consistent results throughout the block. Control histology slides with two cell line cores offer positive and negative expressions. Analyte controls are placed at one end of slide, allowing sample application on the same slide for valid comparison. There is also a supply of more comprehensive products with as many as five cell lines, providing a range of expression and sensitivity: The Dynamic RangeDR

TISSUE-TROL™ Control Slides

Histology control slides are essential in providing support to formal quality assurance programs. Our TISSUE-TROL™ slides contain paraffin embedded tissue sections of known characteristics, used for monitoring staining performance in pathology laboratories. Our control slide package contains 25 slides, with one slide stained with the appropriate procedure to demonstrate the expected result.

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