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Tissue Diagnostics Universal Reagents

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Microscopic analysis is comprised of multiple steps including sample preparation, fixation, staining, mounting, and diagnostics. We offer a complete suite of reagents for your entire cell and tissue diagnostic workflows with reliable, batch-to-batch consistency and strict ISO compliant quality control. 

We provide CE-certified and IVD-registered reagents, made available in various formats including ready-to-use reagents for routine hematology, histology, cytology, and bacteriology applications. Our products are perfectly suited for clinical diagnostics and to support laboratory accreditations and audits. In addition, we offer economic package sizes and long shelf lives that allow you to work with maximum efficiency.  

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Fixing Media

Fixation is a procedure in which an appropriate fixing agent is used to process a specific biological tissue sample to preserve its structure and integrity and simultaneously to prevent autolysis, decomposition and putrefaction. We have a full range of assay-grade fixatives to support your particular tissue diagnostic challenge including acetic acid, acetone, ethanol, methanol, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde solution, as well as fixative sprays such as M-Fix™.

Decalcifiers & Tissue Softeners

Decalcifiers are reagents that are used to prepare bone and other hard tissue samples in routine histological procedures for microscopy. We provide two popular, ready-to-use reagents for error-free decalcification, OSTEOMOLL®, a rapid decalcifier solution and OSTEOSOFT®, a mild decalcifier solution, well suited for use in diagnostic laboratories or pharmaceutical research.

Embedding Media

Embedding involves enclosing the histological tissue samples in a mass of embedding media, such as paraffin wax, synthetic resins, or gelatin, to achieve uniform sectioning quality, defined hardness and homogeneity of the tissue, and enable uniform sectioning.

We offer CE-certified, high-quality Histosec® embedding media containing selective paraffin waxes enriched with polymers that are available with or without the entrainer DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) for optimal embedding, ideal for use in histological diagnostic laboratories.

Tissue Clearing Solvents

Tissue clearing processes rely on immersing the tissue in organic and aqueous solutions to reduce the opacity of the sample for efficient microscopic studies. Our broad range of histological-grade solvents cover all your tissue processing needs with lot-to-lot consistency. We offer our histological solvents in amber glass bottles, carbon steel flex-spout cans, and carbon steel cans with NPT threads to maintain long-term durability.

Mounting Media

Mounting media are aqueous or non-aqueous solutions (with a refractive index close to glass) that bind the coverslip, tissue sample, and slide together for improved optical clarity in microscopic analysis.

We offer a broad selection of slide-mounting media for your routine histological samples, fluorescent-stained tissue sections, samples with peroxidase, or alkaline phosphatase immunohistological tissue sections. Mounting media with propidium iodide (PI) or 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) are also available.

We also offer a greener alternative product, Organo/Limonene Mount™, a ready-to-use mounting medium ideal for coverslipping stained tissues and cell smears that can be dehydrated with organic solvents.

Immersion Media

Immersion media are natural or synthetic oily liquids applied between the specimen surface and the microscope lens for high-resolution microscopy with immersion objectives (above 40x). Our immersion oils offer excellent refractive properties and homogeneity for optimal magnification. Furthermore, all our immersion media are CE-certified IVD products perfectly suited to clinical diagnostics.

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