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Formulation Handbook

Formulating pharmaceutical dosage forms is a complex process. There are numerous available techniques to choose from, and a successful final product is strongly dependent on the choices made throughout the formulation development process.

In this formulation handbook, we have compiled information and formulation examples that can help you when developing your formulation. We intend these model formulations to serve as a guide on how to manufacture a variety of different types of final dosage forms. As such, we have used model APIs with specific properties and have focused on common pharmaceutical techniques, as well as featuring in-depth technical information on a selection of our high-quality excipient products.

Explore our model formulations, including examples using common tableting techniques like direct compression, wet granulation and dry granulation as well as solubility enhancing techniques, modified release approaches and additive manufacturing. Find solutions for a variety of formulation types, including immediate and sustained release tablets, ODTs, chewables and lozenges, or tablet coatings..

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