Bioreactors for Fed-Batch and Perfusion Upstream Processes

Future-Proof Your Process with Modular Flexibility Today

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors for fed-batch and perfusion upstream processes

Lab scientists working on a 200 L Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor in perfusion mode

The Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor takes modular flexibility, scalability, ergonomics, and convenience to the next level while adding next-generation performance and productivity.

Pipelines are diversifying, new therapeutic modalities are emerging, and demands for efficiency and productivity are increasing. To respond to these opportunities and challenges, today and in the future, manufacturers need the upstream flexibility of a traditional fed-batch bioreactor system with the ability to evolve to perfusion processes.

Access Next Generation Benefits for your Upstream Workflow Today

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors are scalable from 50 L to 2000 L and incorporate innovative features for cell culture, including:

  • A modular design, with a bioreactor vessel, fed-batch tower, perfusion tower, and control station that can be combined to suit your upstream process needs
  • 5:1 turndown ratio for 200 L – 2000 L bioreactors (3.3:1 for 50 L), for flexible seeding and cell growth strategies
  • An optimized bottom-mounted impeller design allows fast mixing times and higher power density, minimizing tip speed and mechanical shear
  • An internal X-baffle for superior homogeneous mixing
  • Three different spargers integrated in all single-use bag assemblies,  providing unparalleled oxygen transfer.

Discover the Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor for Fed-Batch and Perfusion Culture

The Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor is a next-generation, single-use, modular bioreactor meticulously engineered for optimal performance in both batch and perfusion processes. It offers flexibility to integrate into a standard DeltaV-based automation or into your automation of choice.

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor 200 L in fed-batch mode

In its fed-batch configuration, the system is composed of a bioreactor vessel, a fed-batch tower, and a control station, integrating all the sensors your upstream process requires for monitoring and control of critical process parameters. The bioreactor vessel and the fed-batch tower can be configured to suit your specific process requirements and offers the scalability, robustness, and reliability you expect from Mobius® Bioreactors.

Seamless Transition from Batch to Perfusion Processes

As your processes evolve toward intensified and continuous upstream processes, you can seamlessly transition into a perfusion process by adding a perfusion tower.

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor 200 L in perfusion mode

Working in unison with our Cellicon® filter assemblies, the Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor enables perfusion processes with a unique, ergonomic single-use design that supports ultra-high cell densities. To support high cell densities which require increased oxygen, our innovative single-use spargers, X-baffle and bottom-mounted impeller work together to provide unparalleled oxygen transfer with minimal cell shear.

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