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Collaboration to Develop Modular Facility Proof-of-Concept for Multi-Modal Bioprocessing Activities


Gains in speed, flexibility, and agility are essential for drug and vaccine manufacturers. One innovative solution is the design and construction of manufacturing facilities using predesigned and prefabricated elements. These modular facilities respond to global demand for new medicines while overcoming the lack of predictability and flexibility that have historically burdened manufacturers. This webinar describes the collaboration of our company and G-Con to develop a proof-of-concept facility design that enables multi-modal bioprocessing, including our process equipment, with greater flexibility and response time and facilitates tech transfer and future expansion. Details about the design, timelines, and costs will be included.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to develop a proof-of-concept facility design that supports multi-modal bioprocessing
  • Details about the specific design, timelines, and costs
  • How this modular facility approach can be leveraged for your specific requirements


Jérome Dalin

Jérome Dalin


Senior Consultant - EMEA Traditional Modalities, Bioprocessing Strategy Operationalization

Jerome Dalin holds an Msc/engineering degree in industrial manufacturing and biological engineering. He started his career at Sanofi Pasteur 20 years ago, working in France on vaccine process development. In 2013, he joined our company to manage bioprocessing sales with vaccine project coordination at a global level. In his current role, Jerome is leading strategic initiatives and supporting go-to-market strategies with a special focus on traditional modalities.

Thomas Hauser

Thomas Hauser

G-CON Manufacturing

Business Development Manager EMEA

Thomas Hauser works for G-CON Manufacturing in business development within the EMEA region. He works to educate the market for offsite prefabricated and prequalified factory and clean-room solutions in a drive to bring forward the pharmaceutical facility of the future. He also supports companies in the life science segment, mainly for expansion strategies, strategic facility implementation, start-up support, and pharmaceutical packaging supply and technologies. 

Before 2020, Thomas worked in various leading global positions in business development, strategic implementation, and sales in the pharmaceutical packaging field, namely in injectables, semi-solid and oral-solid packaging. He has more than 25 years of experience dealing with the global life science Industry and its market and manufacturing requirements. Thomas holds an international MBA from the University of Ottawa / Canada, and a BA in European business from the ESB Reutlingen and the ESC Reims.

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