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A Rapid, Innovative Approach to Release Testing with Blazar® CHO AOF Virus Panel


Innovative molecular methods will allow mAbs manufacturers to deliver critical therapeutic agents to patients faster. The Blazar® CHO AOF virus panel is a powerful tool to accelerate bulk harvest testing with the potential to replace slower culture-based in vitro virus detection methods. It is a degenerate PCR-based assay for the broad detection of adventitious agents in materials grown with animal origin-free (AOF) media and reagents. A degenerate primer approach allows for broader coverage than traditional PCR. Blazar® degenerate primers are designed to target specific viral risks while detecting related viral variants and newly emerging viruses.

In this webinar, we will introduce the Blazar® CHO AOF assay and discuss:

  • Application of a degenerate PCR-based method to accelerate bulk harvest testing
  • Virus coverage of the assay
  • Comparability to traditional methods of virus testing, including faster time to results


Mohammad Heydarian, Ph.D.

Mohammad Heydarian, Ph.D.


Principal Scientist

Dr. Mo Heydarian (he/him) earned his B.S. in biotechnology from James Madison University, his M.S. in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics from The George Washington University, and his Ph.D. in biological chemistry from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Heydarian has worked on community-based, open-source projects including the Galaxy and AnVIL Projects, focusing on providing equitable resources and training for under-represented minority groups. In his current role, Dr. Heydarian develops rapid biosafety tests for adventitious agents and characterization of emerging RNA technologies.

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