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Closed Processing for Biomanufacturing

Closed Processing

The facility of the future will require transformation in how biologics are developed and manufactured. Closed processing mitigates contamination and safety risks, maximizes new and existing facility and asset utilization, while enabling sustainable multi-modal manufacturing. With closed processing costly cleanroom and environmental control measures are reduced without compromising product quality. Simplified space design, smaller cleanroom footprints, and increased operational flexibility allow for dramatic cost savings and future-readiness, today.

Operators in a closed processing CNC space

Close your process. Open your possibilities.

With closed processing, you can:

  • Mitigate contamination and safety risks
  • Reduce costly and environmentally demanding cleanroom control measures without compromising product quality
  • Enable connected and continuous process manufacturing
  • Maximize operational flexibility
  • Enable sustainable multi-modal manufacturing

Download our white paper – "Perspectives on: The Adoption of Fully Closed Processing for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing"

We conducted a global market survey on fully closed processing and gathered industry viewpoints on the topic. Our white paper provides key findings from the research, as well as insights and perspectives from industry experts on the shift towards closed processing and its effects on the facility of the future. Complete the form below to download our paper.

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Value drivers & benefits of closed bioprocessing

Microbe 47% reduction in contamination risk  
Microbe 81% reduction in gowning costs
Microbe 47% reduction in labor time due to reduced gowning, room cleaning, and equipment sanitization  
Microbe Up to 53% reduction in environmental monitoring
Microbe Up to 65% reduction in energy consumption

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