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Environmental Labeling and Disposal of Packaging

Regulatory Requirement

The Italian decree 116/2020 aims to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and subsequent recycling of packaging materials. This should be achieved by identifying the packaging materials according to EU Commission Decision 97/129/EC.

To help you correctly dispose and recycle our packaging materials, you can find below a catalogue containing the packaging material identification codes for our packaging materials. In addition, we offer specific recycling guidance for customers located in Italy.

Beyond these legal requirements, we continuously work to improve the sustainability of our packaging to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint through our SMASH Packaging plan. Through this plan, we are setting new standards and goals to SHRINK, SECURE, SWITCH and SAVE packaging, while transparently reporting our progress.

For further information or support on the environmental labeling of packaging materials, please contact your local representative.

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